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Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/1252/03/04
: 2003-06-20
: gold with marks
: Powderpuff
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Lenka Fritschova (Pupo-Haichi, Tsjekkia)

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Very Promising 1,excelent 1,5x excelent 2,CAJC,CAC,2x res.CAC

Siblings (6)


Hardy Conny Pupo-Haichi
Harlow Conny Pupo-Haichi
Hearty Conny Pupo-Haichi
Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi
Heidi Conny Pupo-Haichi
Honey Conny Pupo-Haichi

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

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