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2003 - 2012
Effi Ka-la-em

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/1110/03/04
: 2003-02-07
: gray
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 6.00kg (13.2#)
Cermanová Ivana (Ka-La-Em, Tsjekkia)
Radomila Krnácová (Foxly Bohemia, Tsjekkia)

  • ©dana

  • ©Klára

  • ©Klára

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  • ©Dana

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  • ©nahaci

  • ©Eve-Bler

  • ©Eve-Bler

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  • ©Eva

  • ©Eve-Bler

  • ©IVA, Ka-La-Em

Siblings (10)


Elischka Ka-La-Em
Elizabeth Ka-La-Em
Eddie Ka-La-Em
Elliot Ka-La-Em
Electric Elf Ka-La-Em
Emperor Ka-La-Em
Eric Ka-La-Em
Ernest Ka-La-Em
Effi Ka-la-em
Elderberry Ka-La-Em

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-08-03  Sire: Lionheart Keep My Promise

Anunaki Foxly Bohemia
Ameerah Foxly Bohemia
Ad'ifah Foxly Bohemia
Ali Pasa Foxly Bohemia
Al Pacino Foxly Bohemia

dob: 2007-04-29  Sire: Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi

Giselle Madamme Eve - Bler
Glaciera Kiss Eve - Bler
Ch. Gigolo King Eve - Bler

dob: 2006-10-05  Sire: Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi

Frederica Fifi Eve-Bler
Falco Fantasy Eve-Bler
Friedrich Fido Eve-Bler
Fantastica Fell Eve-Bler
Figgy Boy Eve-Bler

dob: 2006-02-01  Sire: Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi

Dasty Jerry Eve-Bler
Danielle Alexie Eve-Bler
Devil Perry Eve-Bler

dob: 2005-06-16  Sire: Harvi Conny Pupo-Haichi

Ch. Balboa Rocky Eve-Bler
Blackjack Boy Eve-Bler
Ch. Beautiful Grace Eve-Bler
Bonsai Caly Eve-Bler

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