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AMCH  CANCH  Gingery's Kangaroo SOD

Reg. no
: TM783814/01 5-93
: 1991-10-21
: Black
: Hairless
Arlene Butterklee (Gingery, USA)
Arlene Butterklee (Gingery, USA)

  • ©Ashby

  • ©unknown

  • ©Gingery's


American Champion 91, Canadian Champion, American & Canadian Group Winner, Sire of Distinction, National Specialty Award of Merit Winner, Sire of 3 Specialty winners in one litter

Siblings (2)


Gingery's Giraffe
Gingery's Kangaroo SOD

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mstic-Heart Hope Of Triin

Heathcoat out of t'ordinary

dob: 1996-12-22  Dam: Gipez's Mei-Ling DOM

Ch. Gingery's Rave Review

dob: 1996-07-17  Dam: Silver Bluff Xu Xua D'Honore

Elco's First Night of Roo

dob: 1996-01-17  Dam: Silver Bluff Xu Xua D'Honore

Elco's Vinny The Roo
Elco's Sweet Roolada

dob: 1995-11-14  Dam: Gingery's Aragorn

Ch. Gingery's Kamikaze V. Janard
Janard Slick A Roo V Gingery

dob: 1995-10-15  Dam: Xia Xiangs China Roo V Triin

Triin's Luna Roo

dob: 1995-08-09  Dam: Triin's Silk Pajamas Bah

Triin's Home Away From Home

dob: 1995-03-22  Dam: Wispln Well Hello O' FLCRCL

Ch. Gingery's Hazelnut O FLCRCL SOM

dob: 1994-08-11  Dam: CH Gingery's Cheesecake DOD

Ch. Gingery's White Tie N Tails
Ch. Gingery Rhythm Of The Night
Ch. Gingery's Krimson n' Clover
Gingery's Mystery

dob: 1994-02-09  Dam: Lou-Ell's Melody

Triin's Thumbelina

dob: 1993-12-03  Dam: Xia Xiangs China Roo V Triin

Triin's Roo Ella
Ch. Triin's China Roo
Triin's Dash A Roo

dob: 1993-10-29  Dam: Victory's Cairngorm DOM

Ch. Gingery Oreo V Pinehaven
Pinehaven's My Nite To Howl

dob: 1993-06-27  Dam: Lou-Ell's Melody

Ch. Triin's Time Bandit
Triin's Batteries Not Included
Triin's Touch Of Class
Canams House Mouse Trjins

dob: 1993-02-13  Dam: Xcel's Luna Mystique

Triin's Coco Bare Chanel
Triin's Louis Vuitton

dob: 1992-11-18  Dam: Chargi's Simply Smashing

Xia Xiangs China Roo V Triin
Ch. Xi'a Xi'ang's Snow Leopard
Ch. Xi'a Xi'ang's Chi Chi Lachunga

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