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AMCH  Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan

: 1985-11-11
: White
: Hairless
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Owner unknown.

  • ©unknowned

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (3)


Moonswift Dangerman
Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan
Moonswift Gambling Man

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 1994-06-01  Dam: Dickerson's Red Head

Dickerson's Gem Of Thornway

dob: 1992-03-23  Dam: Dickerson's Tiger Flower

Dickerson's Dangerous Tiger
Dickerson's Sweetie

dob: 1991-02-24  Dam: Dickerson's Molly Sasanataba

Ch. Dickerson's Elizabeth Tayler

dob: 1990-09-02  Dam: Dickerson's Sable'N' Diamonds

Dickerson's Sweet Emma
Dickerson's Bekini Bare

dob: 1989-10-13  Dam: Dickerson's Pearl Bailey

Dickerson's Diana Ross

dob: 1987-08-30  Dam: Dickerson's Cleopatra Mayapan

Dickerson's Egypt Of Mayapan

dob: 1987-07-01  Dam: Alltot Ch'ing Te Of Dickerson

Dickerson's Welsh Sweetheart
Dickerson's Sprinkles Of Spice
Orchid Blossom Of Dickerson

dob: 1986-11-07  Dam: Dickerson's Apple Annie-Maya

Dickerson's China Doll
Dickerson's Pappy Prince

dob: 1986-11-07  Dam: Dickerson's Oriental Rose

Dickerson's Oriental Cowboy
Dickerson's Oriental Lilac
Dickerson's Magia

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