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AMCH  Sun-Hee's Unlimited Unique

Reg. no
: S59752/2004
: 2004-08-21
: blå
: Hairless
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sverige)
(N'Co, USA)
  • ©H Karlsson

  • ©J.C Photography

Siblings (5)


Sun-Hee's Unlimited Unique
Sun-Hee's Untouchable
Sun-Hee's Unfare
Sun-Hee's Unexpected
Sun-Hee's Unforgetable

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Raise Your Glass, N'co

dob: 2013-03-09  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Black Acid N'Co

dob: 2012-07-16  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Raise Your Glass, N'co

dob: 2011-11-22  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Ch. Peep Show N'co.

dob: 2011-01-15  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Eminence Front N'Co.
Pant's On Fire at Nipigon N'Co
Eclipse at Nipigon N'Co

dob: 2010-06-18  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

My Fair Lady N'co
Ch. To Be Envied N'co

dob: 2009-12-02  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

The Phantom of The Opera N'Co
Diversified N'Co

dob: 2008-09-20  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Ch. Slightly Over Dressed N'CO
Ch. Face It I Am That Good N'co

dob: 2008-01-23  Sire: American Icon N'Co.

Hot N Blazing N'Co
I Only Date Models N'co

dob: 2006-12-28  Sire: De La Mahafu's Royal Blou SOD

Ch. The Best of Best at N'Co
The Obvious Conclusion at N'Co
Ch. The Foreign Affair at N'Co

dob: 2006-06-02  Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

Ch. The Unique Limited at N'Co

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