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2000 - 2009

Reg. no
: S44330/00
: 2000-07-02
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
Gerd Bastholm (Lohamras, Sverige)
Owner unknown.

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  • ©Happy Dogs

  • ©Happy Dogs

Siblings (4)


Lohamras Domino
Lohamras Dajm
Lohamras Dixie
Lohamras Dukat

Offspring (67) (Descendents)

dob: 2006-09-24  Dam: Lionheart Knock You Out

Spotborne Knock You Out
Spotborne Knocking On Heavens Door
Spotborne Knock On Wood
Spotborne Knock Me Out

dob: 2006-04-17  Dam: Sea Fire's Cobacabana

Drechess Harry Potter

dob: 2006-04-07  Dam: Lohamras Julienne

Lohamras Sweet Taste Of Peach
Lohamras Suger And Spice
Lohamras Solero

dob: 2005-03-09  Dam: Belshaw's Ombre Rose

Cute and Crazy Amadeus
Cute and Crazy Alfons
Cute and Crazy Alva
Cute and Crazy Alice

dob: 2004-10-05  Dam: Joyway's Everlasting Love

Joyway's Mohican Moondust
Joyway's More Than Life
Joyway's My Destiny
Joyway's Midnight Moon

dob: 2004-04-23  Dam: Prefix Hotlips

Ch. Lohamras Laiza Lemonad
Lohamras Leia Läkerol

dob: 2004-02-27  Dam: Lohamras Emelie Lakritzkola

Lohamras Koriander
Lohamras Karamell
Lohamras Kola Klättermus
Lohamras Konfekt
Lohamras Kummin
Lohamras Korint
Lohamras Kanel

dob: 2003-12-30  Dam: Willow Star's Christmas Queen

Willow Star's Beyblade Tyson
Willow Star's Beyblade Polta
Willow Star's Beyblade Hayate

dob: 2003-02-19  Dam: Sea Fire's Missy More

Sea Fire's Quattro
Sea Fire's Quenell

dob: 2003-02-16  Dam: Lohamras Crepe Suzette

Lohamras Irish Creme
Lohamras Ingefära
Lohamras Irish Coffee
Lohamras Ice Cream

dob: 2002-07-31  Dam: Tiny Diamonds Café Au Lait

Tiny Diamonds Frontpage News
Tiny Diamonds Fairy Tale
Tiny Diamonds Faithful Friend
Tiny Diamonds Flying Dancer

dob: 2002-06-28  Dam: Proud Pony Geisha Girl

Lisar's Give And Take
Lisar's Going To The Top
Lisar's Going Down Town
Lisar's Glance At You

dob: 2002-05-28  Dam: Lionheart Konsider Ulla

Belshaw's Plus Masquline
Belshaw's Very Valentino
Belshaw's No Regrets
Belshaw's Head Over Heels
Belshaw's Tender Light
Belshaw's Tempore Donna

dob: 2002-04-21  Dam: Prefix Pallas Atena

Sea Fire's Fernando

dob: 2001-11-22  Dam: Tenderlove N'Care's Lindy Hop

Tenderlove N'Care's Viva Victoria
Tenderlove N'Care's Victorias Secret
Tenderlove N'Care's Victor Vaughn

dob: 2001-11-15  Dam: Lohamras Brownie Babe

Benito's Crested Dream Zareena

dob: 2001-10-28  Dam: Sea Fire's Missy More

Sea Fire's O-la-la
Sea Fire's O'Boy
Sea Fire's On My Way To Sun-hee's

dob: 2001-09-26  Dam: Sun-Hee's Persimmon

Ch. Sun-Hee's Night Train
Ch. Sun-Hee's Nova

dob: 2001-08-18  Dam: Nattmaran's Godzilla

Duttebo's Candela Mon Ami
Duttebo's Cinderella
Duttebo's Chinese Mette Marit
Duttebo's Cornelia Little Chip
Duttebo's Claudia Cardinal

dob: 2001-08-02  Dam: Lohamras Biskvie

Ch. Lohamras Figaro
Ch. Lohamras Fromage
Lohamras Fox
Lohamras Farina

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