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2001 - 2012
FINCH  SECH  Beddi's Buccaneer

Reg. no
: S47024/01
: 2001-07-18
: Blue
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 6.00kg (13.2#)
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sverige)
Christina Strömberg (Bed-ma's, Sverige)
  • © Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©C. Strömberg

  • ©F. Abdallahad

Siblings (4)


Beddi's Blue Maiden
Beddi's Business With Lionheart
Beddi's Blue Shammy
Beddi's Buccaneer

Offspring (35) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-12-14  Dam: Bed-ma's A touch of magic

Hjälm's A Touch Of Tiger
Hjälm's A Star Of Tiger
Hjälm's A Son Of Tiger
Hjälm's A Angel Of Tiger

dob: 2011-05-31  Dam: Sun-Hee's Run for Roses

Drömtorpet's Anne Bonny Buccaneer
Drömtorpet's William Kidd Buccaneer
Ch. Drömtorpet's Henry Morgan Buccaneer
Drömtorpet's Mary Read Buccaneer

dob: 2010-02-25  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Overdrive

Play mansion Aviance night Demon
Play mansion Angel Innocent
Play mansion Absolutley Irrisisteble
Play mansion Amor Tentation

dob: 2010-01-01  Dam: Belshaw's Bright Crystal

Bed-ma's Dream Come True
Bed-ma's Did It Again
Bed-ma's Dark Legend
Bed-ma's Dealer Takes All

dob: 2009-11-26  Dam: Proud Pony Limelight

Mini Star's Alison Moyet
Mini Star's Alice Cooper

dob: 2009-08-11  Dam: Drömtorpet's Arborina Of S Kid

Bed-ma's Can't Get Enough
Bed-ma's Chiguitas Goes Bananas
Ch. Bed-ma's C Me
Bed-ma's Copy This If U Can
Bed-ma's Capture Your Heart

dob: 2007-01-02  Dam: Sun-Hee's Mason Gold

Isarismo Golden Pearl

dob: 2004-08-21  Dam: Sun-Hee's Nova

Ch. Sun-Hee's Unlimited Unique
Sun-Hee's Unfare
Sun-Hee's Unexpected
Sun-Hee's Unforgetable
Sun-Hee's Untouchable

dob: 2004-01-15  Dam: Lionheart Kross The Kountry

Chinese Pearl King Edward
Chinese Pearl King George
Chinese Pearl King Leopold
Chinese Pearl King Charles
Chinese Pearl King Edmund
Chinese Pearl King Ludwig

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