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2000 - 2014
AUSTGRANDCH  NZCH  Xioma Sagebrush

Reg. no
: 5100014369
: 2000-01-20
: Pink Sptd
: Hairless
Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma, Australia)
Jo Van Dee
  • ©Batae

  • ©Sally Johnson

  • ©Sally Johnson


THE GRAND OLD MAN RETIRES: Smudge has now retired from the ring and is enjoying his life in his new home.
We prefer to re-home our retired dogs rather than ending their lives. Thanks Old Man for all the joy and pride you brought to our kennels. We look forward to your visits.

Best of Breed NZ Nationals 2004
NZ Bronze Certificate of Merit
NZ Silver Certificate of Merit

18-Nov-06 - Junior Kennel Club
Runner Up Best In Group - (Judge was D. Jolly)
1-Sep-06 - Adelaide Royal Show
Reserve Challenge Dog - (Judge was Mr Chan Weng Woh)
20-Aug-06 - Northern Districts K&OBC
Open In Group - (Judge was Mrs E Cross)
19-Aug-06 - Northern Districts K&OBC
Best Of Breed - (Judge was Mr P Cross)
9-Apr-07 - Port Pirie KC-Best in Group - (Judge was Mr Jackson)
8-Apr-07 - Port Pirie KC-Open In Group - (Judge was G Gollar)
7-Apr-07 - Port Pirie KC-Runner Up Best In Group - (Judge was Mr K McMillan (NSW),)

Siblings (8)


Xioma Gypsophelia
Xioma Sagebrush
Xioma Bramble Bush
Xioma Ladys Mantle


Xioma Queen Othe Night
Xioma Deja Vu
Xioma Ghost Gum
Xioma River Gum

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-03-09  Dam: Xioma Cinnamon Spice

Xioma Paprika
Xioma Nigella
Xioma Cardamom
Xioma Nutmeg
Xioma Pepper

dob: 2007-04-08  Dam: Shatsa Almond Blossom

Ch. Xioma Sharp Dressed Man
Xioma Dressed To Kill

dob: 2006-11-04  Dam: Chinois Chinese Whispers

Ch. Chinois Skyclad

dob: 2005-09-29  Dam: Koreke Danu Nir Eire

Ch. Koreke Aoede Encore With Xioma
Koreke Melete Encore With Xioma
Koreke Apollo Encore With Xioma

dob: 2005-02-09  Dam: Koreke Danu Nir Eire

Ch. Koreke Jubilare Xuan Wu With Xioma
Ch. Koreke Jubilare Long-Wang With Xioma
Ch. koreke Jubilare Bai Hu With Xioma

dob: 2005-01-19  Dam: Nun Of Tereiroa

Koreke Litha Isis With Xioma
Koreke Litah Janus with Xioma
Koreke Litha Jana With Xioma

dob: 2004-08-16  Dam: Xioma Painted Daisy

Ch. Xioma Painted Desert

dob: 2002-02-05  Dam: Edgeof Powderme Truly

Splfyr Thyme Onya Hands
Ch. Splfyr Thyme In A Bottle
Splfyr Thyme After Thyme

dob: 2001-11-11  Dam: Splfyr Dragons Tears

Xioma Here Be Dragons

dob: 2001-06-28  Dam: Splfyr Dragons Tears

Ch. Xioma Prince O Darkness
Xioma Fallen Angel

dob: 2001-05-31  Dam: Xioma Flower O'Darkness

Xioma Shout At The Devil
Xioma Shades O'Moonlight

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