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1997 - 2010
AUSTCH  Shatsa Dandylion

Reg. no
: 5100005080
: 1997-08-20
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma, Australia)
Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma, Australia)
  • ©Sally Johnson

  • ©S. Johnson

  • Eye Exam 2006

  • Eye Exam 2003

  • Eye Exam 2001

  • DNA Results

  • Danny
    ©Sally Johnson

  • prcd Clear by DNA

Siblings (5)


Shatsa Dandylion
Shatsa Tigerlily


Xioma Flower O'Darkness
Xioma Magnolia
Xioma Painted Daisy

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 2001-03-29  Dam: Eltarin Love In The Mist

Ch. Xioma Deja Vu
Xioma Ghost Gum
Xioma Queen Othe Night
Xioma River Gum

dob: 2000-02-05  Dam: Edgeof Powderme Truly

Splfyr Dragon Spirit
Splfyr Dragons Tears
Splfyr Dragoncharm
Ch. Splfyr Dragon Majik
Splfyr Dragon Fire
Ch. Splfyr Dragon Song

dob: 2000-01-20  Dam: Eltarin Love In The Mist

Ch. Xioma Gypsophelia
Xioma Bramble Bush
Xioma Ladys Mantle
Ch. Xioma Sagebrush

dob: 1999-08-03  Dam: Mordosa Stars N Stripes

Xioma Shou Wu
Xioma Northern Lights

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