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Edgeof Powderme Truly

Reg. no
: 2100037327
: 1998-09-25
: White
: Powderpuff
Bobbi Selby (Edgeof, Australia)
Evelyn Lonergan (Splfyr, Australia)
  • ©unknown

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-11-21  Sire: Splfyr Smoke N Mirrors

Splfyr Wisp O Smoke
Splfyr Puff O Smoke

dob: 2005-02-20  Sire: Xioma Fire In The Sky

Splfyr Blown onthe Wind
Splfyr Calm Bfordstorm
Splfyr Storm Ina Tcup

dob: 2002-10-08  Sire: Prefix Smoke On The Water

Splfyr Prima Donna
Splfyr Drama Queen
Splfyr Stagedoor Johnny

dob: 2002-02-05  Sire: Xioma Sagebrush

Splfyr Thyme Onya Hands
Ch. Splfyr Thyme In A Bottle
Splfyr Thyme After Thyme

dob: 2000-02-05  Sire: Shatsa Dandylion

Splfyr Dragoncharm
Ch. Splfyr Dragon Majik
Splfyr Dragon Fire
Splfyr Dragon Spirit
Splfyr Dragons Tears
Ch. Splfyr Dragon Song

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