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AMCH  Woodlyn Moptop Night Music SOD

: 1996-09-21
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
Lynne & Bill Dauber (Woodlyn, USA)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (5)


Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music
Woodlyn Moptop Music For Ri-Leen
Woodlyn Moptop Country Music
Woodlyn Moptop Night Music SOD
Woodlyn Moptop Reggae Music N'co

Offspring (93) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Encores Pagliacci

Encores Woodlyn Cantabjle

dob:   Dam: Woodlyn Casino Royale

Woodlyn Rail Phan
Ch. Woodlyn's Zephyr Phan

dob: 2007-12-23  Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Well Latte Dah

Woodlyn Gloria Jean

dob: 2007-09-25  Dam: Wickhaven Her Name In Lights

Ch. Woodlyn N'Wickhaven Phancy Flamingo
Wickhaven N' Woodlyn Phancy Footwork

dob: 2006-10-01  Dam: Woodlyn Casino Royale

Ch. Woodlyn Iron Horse Phan Rn

dob: 2006-04-12  Dam: Encores Moonlight Sonata

Ch. Encores Queen Of The Night

dob: 2004-12-31  Dam: Bluestone Shanghi Lil

Ch. Tristar's Tinkerbell Hl

dob: 2003-02-03  Dam: Jonbrecy's Bubblin' Luv

Woodlyn White Admiral
Woodlyn Painted Lady

dob: 2002-08-18  Dam: Pahlavi Little Miss Muffet

Ch. Pahlavi Via K-Pax

dob: 2001-11-04  Dam: Woodlyn Jambalaya

Woodlyn Moon Pie
Woodlyn Goober Pie O'jonbrecy

dob: 2001-10-25  Dam: Encores Fan Dancer

Ch. Encores Fandango
Ree's Twisted Sister MD
Ree's Sharp Dressed Man MD
Ch. Encores Clair De Lune

dob: 2001-10-14  Dam: Lowa's Sophisticated Lady

Lowa's Send In The Clowns
Ch. Lowa's Could This Be Magic
Lowa's All That Jazz

dob: 2001-08-10  Dam: Pahlavi Que Sera Sera

Ch. Woodlyn's Midnight Lace
Ch. Woodlyn Pillow Talk
Ch. Woodlyn's Send Me No Flowers

dob: 2001-07-06  Dam: Babylon's Helena Of Genesis

Ch. Marquis Maximum Exposure

dob: 2001-05-28  Dam: Pahlavi Little Miss Muffet

Ch. Pahlavi Kabooom

dob: 2001-05-09  Dam: Woodlyn Reicrist Hopscotch DOM

Encores Fanfare
Ch. Multi CH. Woodlyn Chicago Cubbie Phan
Woodlyn Grand Slam Phan
Ch. Encores Fantasia

dob: 2001-01-07  Dam: Altair N'woodlyn Blue Amulet (Heart Murmur)

Woodlyn's Simply Solo

dob: 2000-10-19  Dam: Bayshore's Signature

Ch. Woodlyn Thyme O'Sunstar
Sunstars Rosemary O'Woodlyn

dob: 2000-07-31  Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Tootsie Roll

Ch. Woodlyn Chardonnay
Red Hot Must Be Merlot
Woodlyn Takaji

dob: 2000-07-07  Dam: Reicrist Encore Aria

Ch. CH. Woodlyn Le Nozze Di Figaro
Ch. Woodlyn Don Giovanni
Woodlyn Aida Of Windsong

dob: 2000-06-07  Dam: Woodlyn Reicrist Wind Up Toy

Ch. Woodlyn Black Cashmere

dob: 2000-03-02  Dam: Chaparral Starlet

Chaparral Evening Star
Ch. Chaparral Stardust NAJ
Chaparral Belle Star
Ch. Chaparral Windstar CD NA NAJ
Chaparral Starstruck

dob: 1999-12-04  Dam: Ivory's Prima Donna

Ch. Bare Tracks Ivory Rose
Ch. Ivory Baretrack Gigolo
Ch. Ivory Temptress
Ivory Heartthrob

dob: 1999-04-22  Dam: Woodlyn Reicrist Wind Up Toy

Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Storm Dancer
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Fire Dancer

dob: 1999-04-14  Dam: Sanuchar Dinah Might Jahan, DOD

Ch. Jahan Flashing Thunder
Ch. Jahan Shooting Star Of Denali
Ch. Jahan Titanium Flash
Ch. Jahan Pearl Of The Orient
Jahan Peking Bombshell

dob: 1998-12-31  Dam: Woodlyn Double Talk Jewels

Bayshore Sweet Pea O'Woodlyn
Ch. Bayshore Sweet William O'Woodlyn
Woodlyn Sweet Violet
Ch. Woodlyn Sweet Brier O'Caravel

dob: 1998-11-16  Dam: Altair Woodlyn Devil May Care

Woodlyn Jambalaya

dob: 1998-09-07  Dam: Pahlavi Tiramisu

Ch. Pahlavi Que Sera Sera
Pahlavi Mercy Mercy Me
Pahlavi The Cat's Meow
Ch. Pahlavi C'est La Vie
Pahlavi Holy Smoke

dob: 1998-07-25  Dam: Woodlyn Strip Poker

Jewels Wishes Do Come True
Jewels Make A Wish
Jewels Wish On A Holliwould Star

dob: 1998-06-08  Dam: Conversation Piece N'Co

Dancing Bare Of Caravel N'Co
Partyline N'Co
Ch. Chit Chat N'Co.

dob: 1998-05-20  Dam: Wudnshu Tatters By Jove

Wudnshu's Quiet Riot
Wudnshu's Small Talk

dob: 1998-04-01  Dam: Jewels Dazzling Gem Woodlyn DOM

Ch. Jewels My Nite To Shine
Jewels Up All Nite
Ch. CH Jewels Holliwould Nites
Jewels Nite Moves

dob: 1997-12-06  Dam: Taleeca Trewluv

Ivory's Freeluv
Ivory's Ca Landslide Of Elisa
Ivory's Night Moves
Ivory's Trewblu Of Wildwood
Ivory's Cutie Patootie

dob: 1997-10-29  Dam: Woodlyn Forever In Bluejeans

Moños Rojos An Academy Award
Moños Rojos a Hershey Kiss
Moños Rojos All Made In USA

dob: 1997-10-23  Dam: Woodlyn Moptop I WNT My Maypo DOM

Ch. Woodlyn Mouse Trap

dob: 1997-09-22  Dam: Ng Dynasty's She Devil Pumpkin DOM

Ch. Chargi's Arewehavingfunyet?
Ch. Chargi's Corporate Raider PP

dob: 1997-08-20  Dam: Gingery's Brandywine

Lamplighter's Jellicle
Lamplighter's Skindiana Jones
Lamplighter's Skinny Dipper

dob: 1997-08-04  Dam: Pandora's Ambrosia N'Co

Ch. Sambuka N'co

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