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AMCH  Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

: 1996-09-21
: Slate White Mkgs
: Hairless
Lynne & Bill Dauber (Woodlyn, USA)
Neale Crisp (Moptop, USA)
Owner unknown.

  • ©P.Litz

  • ©Lynne Dauber

Siblings (5)


Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music
Woodlyn Moptop Music For Ri-Leen
Woodlyn Moptop Country Music
Woodlyn Moptop Night Music SOD
Woodlyn Moptop Reggae Music N'co

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

Town and County N'CO

dob:   Sire: Jokima Just Dynamic SOM

To Adorable N'CO

dob: 2002-05-14  Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

N'Sync With N'Co.

dob: 2001-11-10  Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

Wanna Talk About Me N'Co.
Ch. Wanna Talk About I N'Co.
Wanna Talk About No. One N'Co.

dob: 2001-05-17  Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

In A Newyork Minute N'Co.
Follow Your Dreams N'Co.

dob: 2000-05-22  Sire: Blandora Without A Doubt

Ch. Follow Your Heart N'Co.

dob: 1999-11-22  Sire: Jokima Just Dynamic SOM

Just Too Adorable N'CO
Woodlyn Moptop Bubbly Mood

dob: 1999-06-03  Sire: Woodlyn Moptop Puffed Rice

Woodlyn Moptop Champagne N'Roses
Woodlyn Moptop Champagne On Ice
Woodlyn Moptop Champagne Toast

dob: 1998-06-25  Sire: Woodlyn Reicrist Deviltree

Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Bubblin' Over

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