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1995 - 2009
AMCH  Rohan's Little Lion King SOD

Reg. no
: TN210923/01
: 1995-01-25
: Slate & White
: Hairless
Donna Powers (Rohan, USA)
Julie & Jon Wells (Jewels, USA)
  • Simmy

  • I miss you.........
    ©Jon and Julie

  • The King
    ©Jon Wells

  • ©Wells

  • ©Wells

  • ©Wells

  • Simba as a veteran



Siblings (4)


Rohan-Kiarry Courtly Cory
Rohan's Little Lion King SOD
Rohan's Scheherazade
Rohan's Return Of The King

Offspring (107) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Shomars-Elysfeld Mi Cheri

Chars I'm a Scream

dob: 2001-02-17  Dam: Snow Dragon Sam I Am Debe

Snow Dragon Dan-De Lion King
Ch. Debe's Midnight Special Lion

dob: 2001-02-02  Dam: Jewels Lion's Pride Of Puffin

Cavallino's Family Jewels

dob: 2000-11-16  Dam: Triin's Barely An Angel DOM

Ch. Jewels Some Like It Hot
Jewels Hot To Trot
Ch. Jewels To Hot To Handle

dob: 2000-10-31  Dam: Shomars-Elysfeld Mi Cheri

Shomar-Chars Spellbound
Ch. Shomar-Chars Bewitched
Ch. Chars The Charmed One

dob: 2000-10-28  Dam: CH Jewels Holliwould Nites

Ch. CH Holliwould Walk Of Fame

dob: 2000-08-24  Dam: Elco's Starlet Vixon For Debe

Ch. Debe's Precious Jewels
Debe's Designer Jewels

dob: 2000-08-08  Dam: Ch. Willow's Rhinestone V Gingery DOM

Ch. Gemstone's Great Expectations
Ch. Gemstone's Dream Ketcher
Ch. Gemstone's Jewels At Cavallino

dob: 2000-07-31  Dam: Crestars Fantayzee Rompford

Crestars Zander Mander
Crestars Bonny Zooker
Crestars Something To Talk
Ch. Crestars Zed Pour Top Model
Ch. Crestars All The Right Moves HL

dob: 2000-06-03  Dam: CH Jewels Candi Heart

Holliwould Toby
Holliwould Tootsie Pop
Holliwould Lollipop

dob: 2000-05-16  Dam: Karizma Shootin The Breeze

Rycroft's Royally Late
Rycroft's Fashionably Late

dob: 2000-05-12  Dam: Bayshore Forget Me Not

Sunstar's Bayshore Gotcha
Sunstar's Bayshore Image

dob: 2000-02-28  Dam: Woodlyn Wild Card O' Willow

Ch. Jewels Leap Of Faith

dob: 2000-01-16  Dam: Whisper LN Cover Girl O'Richlin

Ch. Richlin Playmaker

dob: 1999-07-04  Dam: Darshire It's Your Call

Stonehill Catch Me If U Can
Stonehill Calls Me Kotickee
Ch. Stonehill Cold Kotickee Steel

dob: 1999-06-16  Dam: Richlin's Red Hot Mama

Richlin Reeses Pieces
Richlin Mister Goodbar

dob: 1999-05-08  Dam: Ch. Willows Masquerade

Ch. Gemstone's Prince Of Thieves SOM
Ch. Willows La Vida Loca
Gemstone's Izzie Bald HL

dob: 1999-04-22  Dam: Makara's Red Hot Puffin Stuff DOM

Ch. Puffin Dandee Lion Of Jewels DOM
Ch. Jewels I'm Not Lion Of Puffin
Ch. Jewels Lion's Pride Of Puffin
Ch. Jewels Lion's Share Of Puffin
Jewels Lion Eyes Of Puffin

dob: 1999-03-27  Dam: Elysee's Silver Bluff Seville

Ch. Silver Bluff The King And I
Deja Vu's Simba
Ch. Deja Vu Spark's A Fly 'N

dob: 1999-01-16  Dam: Makara's Dreams Do Come True DOM

Puffin Rendezvous With Jewels
Puffin Encounter With Jewels

dob: 1998-12-16  Dam: Whisper LN Cover Girl O'Richlin

Richlin In A Days
Richlin Holidays
Richlin Summer Days

dob: 1998-12-11  Dam: Carragheen China Doll

Carragheen Kept On Ice
Carragheen Frozen Assets

dob: 1998-10-02  Dam: Bayshore's Signature

Sunstar's Memento
Sunstar's Token Gesture
Sunstar's Souvenir

dob: 1998-08-07  Dam: Crestars Fantayzee Rompford

Crestars New Generation
Crestars Space Kruzader
Ch. Crestars Mad About You
Ch. Crestars Optical Attraction
Crestars Star Gazer

dob: 1998-07-28  Dam: Sanuchar Dinah Might Jahan, DOD

Ch. Jahan Good 'n Plenty
Ch. Jahan Bold 'n Beautiful
Ch. Sanuchar Ruff N Reddy

dob: 1998-04-09  Dam: Makara's Justa Jezebel

Ch. Pyramid Fantasia

dob: 1998-03-29  Dam: Triin's Something To Talk About

Karizma Mane Event At Jewels

dob: 1998-03-12  Dam: Tamarlane's Europa Finale

Tamarlane's The Lion's Roar

dob: 1998-02-05  Dam: Rompford Blowing In The Wind

Ch. Wind A Fire Of Rompford
Ch. Wind A Flame Of Rompford
Ch. Wind A Flicker Of Rompford

dob: 1997-11-09  Dam: Makara's Dreams Do Come True DOM

Ch. Puffin Full Disclosure SOM
Puffin Hocus Pocus
Ch. Puffin Patent Pending O'Ebon Will
Ch. Puffin Cactus Flower
Ch. Puffin Kings Ransom Of Mardon

dob: 1997-07-24  Dam: Wudnshu Shania

Wudnshu's Play It Again Sam
Ch. Wudnshu's I'll Be Back SOM
Wudnshu's Run Forest Run
Wudnshu's Show Me The Money

dob: 1997-07-12  Dam: Wudnshu's Pearly Gemstone

Wudnshu's Pearl Jam
Wudnshu's Unsinkable Molly Brown

dob: 1997-07-10  Dam: Woodlyn Double Stuf Of Jewels

Ch. Woodlyn Double Talk Jewels

dob: 1997-05-15  Dam: Triin's Something To Talk About

Karizma Shootin The Breeze
Karizma Cut To The Chase

dob: 1997-04-04  Dam: Woodlyn Strip Poker

Ch. Jewels Nobody's Fool Of Lo Ru
Ch. Jewels Fool Proof SOM

dob: 1997-04-03  Dam: Dacaris' Dazzling Diamond

Jewels Wild Thing

dob: 1997-03-22  Dam: Makara's Dreams Do Come True DOM

Ch. Puffin Batteries Not Included SOM
Ch. Puffin Trouble With Tribbles
Ch. Puffin Abracadabra

dob: 1996-10-21  Dam: Zucci Lady Godiva DOM

Ch. Woodlyn Daizee O'Crestars

dob: 1996-09-21  Dam: Zucci Jazz Fest at Shawcrest

Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Country Music
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Reggae Music N'co
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Night Music SOD
Woodlyn Moptop Music For Ri-Leen
Ch. Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

dob: 1996-09-15  Dam: Woodlyn Moptop I WNT My Maypo DOM

Ch. Jewels Unique Gem Woodlyn
Ch. Jewels Dazzling Gem Woodlyn DOM
Jewels Justa Gem Woodlyn
Jewels Sparklin Gem Woodlyn
Ch. Woodlyn Crown Jewels

dob: 1996-07-17  Dam: Jewels Chia Pet

Jewels Cookies N Cream
Jewels Mocha Almond Joy

dob: 1996-07-06  Dam: Triin's Barely An Angel DOM

Ch. Jewels Fabulous Fabio

dob: 1996-06-07  Dam: Triin's Barely An Angel DOM

Ch. Jewels Mira Sorvino
Ch. Jewels Fabulous Fabio
Jewels Holli Would, CGC

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