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CANCH  Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu

Reg. no
: WA268754
: 2009-01-13
: chocolate
: Hairless
Grace Westerson/ Stephanie Eckstein (Sunberry/Tilea, Canada)
Grace Westerson (Sunberry, Canada)

  • ©Teddy Bear Publishing

Siblings (6)


Tilea N Sunberry's Jamani
Tilea Sunberry's Jamani
Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu
Sunberry N Tilea's Tango
Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu
Ch. Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-11-27  Dam: Tournais Wicked Witch From The West

Tournais Only Hurts When I Laugh
Tournais Gives A Rats Ass
Tournais The Evil Twin Goes Good
Tournais Don't Try This At Home

dob: 2011-03-05  Dam: Denize'z Gizmo'z Imzi

Denize'z Gizmo'z Oden
Denize'z Gizmo'z Loke
Denize'z Gizmo'z Balder
Denize'z Gizmo'z Nanna
Denize'z Gizmo'z Freja
Denize'z Gizmo'z Thor

dob: 2011-01-06  Dam: Tournais Bee Gees

Tournais Laughing Out Loud
Tournais Real Life From Sweden
Tournais Two Left Feets
Tournais Sunny Side Up
Tournais Greatest Hits From Sweden
Tournais Talk To The Hand

dob: 2010-12-27  Dam: Tournais Wicked Witch From The West

Ch. Tournais Top Dawgh
Tournais Wikie Leaks
Ch. Tournais X-Mas Gift
Ch. Ch. Tournais Top Dawg
Tournais Laughing My Freakn Ass Off
Tournais Big Black Dude
Tournais First Aid Kit

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