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2005 - 2015
EuJW-06Tournais Bee Gees

Reg. no
: S40372/2005
: 2005-06-17
: Brons
: Hairless
Maria Mc Dermit (Tournais, Sverige)
Maria Mc Dermit (Tournais, Sverige)
  • My love 10 years old <3

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PLL & Prcd_PRA Clear

Siblings (6)


Tournais Boy Georges
Tournais Samantha Fox
Tournais Duran Duran
Tournais Bonny M
Tournais Baccara
Tournais Bee Gees

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob: 2011-01-06  Sire: Tilea N Sunberry's Zazu

Tournais Laughing Out Loud
Tournais Real Life From Sweden
Tournais Talk To The Hand
Tournais Two Left Feets
Tournais Greatest Hits From Sweden
Tournais Sunny Side Up

dob: 2010-01-10  Sire: Cartier Panthère du Domaine du Président

Ch. Tournais Burning Midnight Oil
Tournais Friends With Benefits
Tournais Going Commando

dob: 2008-05-01  Sire: Legends Black Jack

Tournais Phat Ahs Gansta
Tournais Wicked Witch From The West
Tournais Swedish Cold Gangsta
Tournais Dj Train Robba
Tournais Yo Supa Gangsta
Tournais Butt Kissing Side Kick
Tournais Chilly Tha Kid Gangsta
Tornais Street Smart Swede
Tournais Street Smart Swede

dob: 2007-04-29  Sire: Glebeheath The Alchemist

Tournais Black Pepper
Tournais Salt N'pepper
Tournais Wasabi From Sweden
Tournais White Pepper
Tournais Red Pepper
Tournais Sambal Oelek
Tournais Piri Piri
Tournais Cayenne pepper
Tournais Green Chili Pepper

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