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2008 - 2019
CZJCH  BOB,Winner of Club show 2009,National winner 2009Takara Jemalle de GabriTho

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/3337/-08/08
: 2008-03-20
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4")
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Østerike)
Markovicova Lenka (Jemalle, Tsjekkia)
  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • Klubwinner Austria Mai/09

  • Kira

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • BPISS-ÖZK Klubwinner-Austria

  • ©Jemalle

  • 7,5 Weeks old

  • 12 hours old


ÖZK-Klubshow Altlengbach - Best Puppy in Show
KCHN-Klubschow Praha - Best Puppy in Show
CAC show Olomouc - Exc.1, CAJC
ÖZK-Klubshow Salzburg - Exc.1, Jgb.,Winner of Club show,BOB,Best young bitch,Best bitch,res.Best of Austria,res.Best in Show
CAC show Klatovy - Exc.1, CAJC
CACIB show Brno - Exc.1, CAJC
CAC show Ml.Boleslav - Exc.1, CAC, National winner
CACIB Debrecen - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
CACIB Debrecen - Exc.1, CAC
KCHN Klubshow Trebic - Exc.2, res.CAC
ÖZK-Klubshow Altlengbach - Exc.2, res.CACA
CACIB Praha - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Siblings (17)


Melody d'Amour de GabriTho
Massimo de GabriTho
Magna cum Laude de GabriTho
Mythos de GabriTho
Mystic Druidwood de GabriTho
My Solino's de GabriTho


Taz Manian Devil de GabriTho
Takara Jemalle de GabriTho
Tabasco de GabriTho
Tiana To Avrina De GabriTho
Taifun de GabriTho


Fyre'n'Snow Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreCracker Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreFly Whisperln de GabriTho
Fyre when ready de GabriTho
Fyre'n'Ice Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreDragon Whisperln de GabriTho

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-06-12  Sire: Felippe Jemalle

Hurricane Jemalle
Ch. His Majesty Jemalle
Ch. Jemalle Heureka
Hot Chocolate Jemalle
Hot Chilli Jemalle

dob: 2012-04-01  Sire: Legends Tornado at Jemalle

Ch. Gangster's Spirit Jemalle
Ch. Gunpowder Jemalle
Ch. G-Star Jemalle
Great Comic Jemalle

dob: 2011-02-02  Sire: Rocky Pupo-Haichi

El Roy Jemalle
Enigma Jemalle
Enricque Jemalle
Electra Jemalle
Ch. Etienne Jemalle

dob: 2010-07-02  Sire: Rocky Pupo-Haichi

Desirée Jemalle
Ch. Diabolo Jemalle
Didien Jemalle
Ch. Daphne Jemalle

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