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CZCH  CZJCH  HCH  INTCH(FCI)  SKCH  BISLegends Tornado at Jemalle

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/3984/-09/08
: 2008-12-05
: black/white
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, USA)
Markovicova Lenka (Jemalle, Tsjekkia)
  • Komárom HU

  • Komárom HU

  • Komárom HU

  • Komárom HU

  • Cruft 2011
    art by Gene Caron

  • Club show Praha

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • Club show Prag, exc.1 CAC BOB BIS

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Voznikova Tana

  • ©Voznikova Tana

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Kantova Sona

  • 3/2010

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©

  • ©Jemalle

  • Best puppy in Show - Salzburg

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Jemalle

  • ©Legends


ÖZK-Klubshow Salzburg - Best Puppy in Show
CAC Ml.Boleslav - VP1
KCHN Clubshow Trebic - exc.1,CAJC,Youth Club winner,The best youth crested male, 2.BIS junior of Clubshow
CACIB Komárom - exc.1,HPJ,The best junior
CACIB Komárom - exc.1,HPJ,The best junior
ÖZK-Klubshow Salzburg - Exc.1,Jgb.,BOB
KCHN Klubshow Praha - Exc.1,CAJC
CACIB Praha - Exc.2
CACIB Ceské Budejovice - exc. 1,CAC
CACIB Praha - exc.1,CAJC,Best junior,kvalifikation for Cruft 2011
CACIB Bratislava - exc.1,CAC,res.CACIB
CACIB Bratislava - exc.1,CAC,res.CACIB
CACIB Komárom - exc.2,res.CAC
CACIB Komárom - exc.1,CAC,res.CACIB
Klubshow Komárom - exc.2,res.CAC
CAC Senec - exc.1,CAC
CAC Klatovy - exc.1,CAC
CAC Mladá Boleslav - exc.1,CAC
CACIB Debrecen - exc.2,res.CAC
CACIB Debrecen - exc.1,CAC
Klubshow Praha - exc.1,CAC,BOB,BIS
CAC Olomouc - exc.1,CAC
CACIB Brno - exc.1,CAC
Cruft´s 2011 - FIRST PRIZE
CACIB Mlada Boleslav - exc.1,CAC,CACIB
CACIB Suttgart - exc.1,CAC VDH,CACIB
CAC Suttgart - exc.1,CAC VDH

Siblings (4)


Legend's Shiro Kuma
Legends N Lordocs Twilight Evening
Legends Cheesecake Baked For Salatino
Legends Tornado at Jemalle

Offspring (38) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-07-10  Dam: Yamaha z Jasne hvezdy

Donut Tasty Pretty Sweet
Diamant Pearl Black Pretty Sweet
Ch. Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet
Diesel Man Pretty Sweet
Didda Jewel Pretty Sweet
Ch. Dolly Dancing Pretty Sweet

dob: 2016-05-28  Dam: Habiba Flash Forward

Forever and Ever Heybett
First N Foremost Heybett
Femme Fatale Heybett
Fatal Attraction Heybett
Fifty Shades Heybett

dob: 2015-05-03  Dam: Yoko z Jasne hvezdy

Ch. Kashmir z Jasne hvezdy
Karen z Jasne hvezdy
Ch. Kerrie z Jasne hvezdy

dob: 2013-09-11  Dam: Yoko z Jasne hvezdy

Ch. Multi JrCh. Gracia at Yam Mey z Jasne hvezdy
Gentleman z Jasne hvezdy

dob: 2013-01-13  Dam: Bree Deray Sun

Aby Monamart Anomis
Apu Monamart Anomis
Ch. Ch. Ace Monamart Anomis
Ch. Abe Monamart Anomis

dob: 2012-12-20  Dam: Habiba Flash Forward

Because You Loved Me Heybett
Ch. Be My Baby Heybett
Ch. Baileys Over Ice Heybett
Ch. Billion Dollar Baby Heybett
Best of the Best Heybett
Black Temptation Heybett
Born To Be Loved Heybett

dob: 2012-04-01  Dam: Takara Jemalle de GabriTho

Ch. Gangster's Spirit Jemalle
Ch. Gunpowder Jemalle
Great Comic Jemalle
Ch. G-Star Jemalle

dob: 2011-06-09  Dam: Cherr Certova stena

Bubbling Spirit All Inclusive
Bubbling Spirit All the Best
Bubbling Spirit Armani
Bubbling Spirit A' Sina
Bubbling Spirit A' Shadow
Bubbling Spirit A'Miu

dob: 2010-04-13  Dam: Elizabeth z Haliparku

Ch. Conchitta Jemalle

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