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Jafari's Kween Yakima Sagirah

Reg. no
: S42625/2006
: 2006-06-06
: Svart m tecken
: Hairless
Helena Karlsson (Jafari's, Sverige)
Sandra Jonsson (Marachinos, Sverige)

  • ©marachinos

  • ©breeder

  • ©breeder

  • ©Owner /Kennel Marachino's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafaris

  • ZARA
    ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Zara på språng

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

  • Zara (bilden blev lite sned:)
    ©kennel Jafari's

  • Zara
    ©kennel Jafari's

  • Zara
    ©Kennel Jafari's

  • Zara
    ©Kennel Jafari's

  • ©Kennel Jafari's

Merits bästa tik ,1CK
4place Best female (with Certquality)

Siblings (3)


Jafari's Daimon Ztarlight Of Keiki
Jafari's Kween Yakima Sagirah
Jafari's Ibo Ztardust Of Keiki

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-11-02  Sire: Fabulous Dogs Love Me

Marachinos Sahara Fairytale
Marachinos Scoby Djob
Marachinos Seabiscuit
Marachinos Sanity
Marachinos Stormy Sky

dob: 2012-07-29  Sire: Proud Pony Turbo Lover

Marachinos Racing Wild Rose
Marachinos Razina Exclusive

dob: 2011-11-22  Sire: Atreju Bezedna propast

Marachinos Quality Star
Marachinos Quick Angel
Marachinos Quest For Success
Marachinos Quarcio Du Chene
Marachinos Quantum Winner

dob: 2010-06-11  Sire: Taijan Dreamer Emotion

Marachinos One Wish
Marachinos Oh My Lucky Choice
Marachinos Oh so good
Marachinos One Hot Lady
Marachinos Open Mind
Marachinos Ohanas Spirit

dob: 2009-02-13  Sire: Marachinos Devil In Me

Marachinos Ludgunum
Marachinos Look How Hot
Marachinos Livi Barcelona
Marachinos Ladonna Dimanche
Marachinos Lovebite
Marachinos Lollipop Crown
Marachinos Lovely Wind

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