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DKCH  SKCH  Slovakian Winner 2008Taijan Dreamer Emotion

Reg. no
: S29314/2006
: 2005-07-11
: white and black
: Powderpuff
Sascha Kobel (Taijan Dreamer, Tyskland)
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sverige)
  • Sixten 080323
    ©Lisa Johnsson

  • Sixten 080323
    ©Lisa Johnsson

  • Sixten 080323
    ©Lisa Johnsson

  • Sixten 080323
    ©Lisa Johnsson

  • Sixten 080323
    ©Lisa Johnsson

  • Sixten 070409
    ©Katrinka Majdlen

  • Sixten Luxemburg 1/4 -07

  • Sixten "on the move" 061022

  • ©Asa Lagerstam

  • ©proud pony kennel

  • Sixten 7 månader
    ©proud pony

  • Sixten 3 månader
    ©Åsa Lagerstam


BIM-valp Malmö 060318,

Excellent 1, CAC, Bratislava, Slovakien, 070512
Best of Breed 3, CAC, Kosice, Slovakien, 070715
CACIB, DKK Vejen, Danmark, 070812

Siblings (7)


Taijan Dreamer Extraordinaire
Taijan Dreamer Exhibitionist
Taijan Dreamer Edelweiss
Taijan Dreamer Einstein
Taijan Dreamer Extravaganza
Taijan Dreamer Emotion
Taijan Dreamer Exhorbitant

Offspring (95) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-02-23  Dam: Proud Pony U Could Be Mine

Proud Pony Bel Air
Proud Pony Born This Way
Proud Pony Butterfly
Proud Pony Beach Boy
Proud Pony Ballerina
Proud Pony Bright Eyes
Ch. Proud Pony Blizzard
Proud Pony Be My Guest

dob: 2012-09-01  Dam: Proud Pony Quite Magical

Proud Pony Apolonia
Proud Pony Action Man
Proud Pony A Cappella
Proud Pony A Cappella
Proud Pony A4
Proud Pony Aces High

dob: 2011-12-09  Dam: Belshaw's Off Course

Proud Pony Xray
Proud Pony Xfire
Proud Pony Xfactor
Proud Pony Xtreamer
Proud Pony Xperia
Proud Pony Xenon
Proud Pony Xbox

dob: 2011-11-04  Dam: Proud Pony Limelight

Mini Star's Bill Murray
Mini Star's Ben Stiller
Mini Star's Brittney Spears
Mini Star's Brooke Shields

dob: 2011-06-26  Dam: Sun-Hee's Blue Moon Rising

Proud Pony Ventura
Proud Pony Valkyria
Proud Pony Valentine
Proud Pony V1
Proud Pony Valiant
Proud Pony Vanessa

dob: 2010-09-01  Dam: Kicsi's Bounty

Schagardhs Cookie Dough
Schagardhs Fairly Nuts
Schagardhs xxxx
Schagardhs Chunky Monkey
Schagardhs Cherry Garcia
Schagardhs Jamaican Me Crazy
Schagardhs Baked Alaska

dob: 2010-06-11  Dam: Jafari's Kween Yakima Sagirah

Marachinos One Wish
Marachinos Oh so good
Marachinos Oh My Lucky Choice
Marachinos One Hot Lady
Marachinos Ohanas Spirit
Marachinos Open Mind

dob: 2010-04-06  Dam: Mundiz Garbo

Brunius Eragon
Brunius Ebbe
Brunius Eros
Brunius Elliot
Brunius Elvira

dob: 2010-03-13  Dam: Proud Pony Cover Girl

Proud Pony Supernova
Proud Pony Spellbound
Proud Pony Score Keeper
Proud Pony Star Pilot
Ch. Proud Pony So What
Proud Pony Skyliner

dob: 2009-06-12  Dam: Marachinos Jaga Forever


dob: 2009-04-13  Dam: Mewtwo's Greta

SandruS Cameron Diaz
SandruS Cindy Crawford
SandruS Clint Eastwood
SandruS Cher
SandruS Céline Dion
SandruS Chuck Norris

dob: 2009-01-24  Dam: Roberta Poarott

Cool Crowd's He's Mike Delfino
Cool Crowd's Hi i'm Lynette Scavo
Cool Crowd's Holy it's Carlos Solis
Cool Crowd's Here's Bree Wan Decamp

dob: 2008-08-21  Dam: Proud Pony Elegance

Abbaboos Princess Mariposa
Ch. Abbaboos Prince Andreius
Abbaboos Prince Nalu
Abbaboos Prince Dominique
Abbaboos Prince Antonio
Abbaboos Prince Azul
Abbaboos Prince Carlos
Abbaboos Princess Annelise

dob: 2008-06-04  Dam: Belshaw's Off Course

Proud Pony Outlander
Proud Pony One in a Million
Proud Pony Obsession
Proud Pony Once In A Lifetime
Proud Pony Open Your Heart
Proud Pony Only for You
Proud Pony On the Road Again

dob: 2008-01-17  Dam: Lucky Line's Drama Queen

Lucky Line's Hallelujah Moment
Lucky Line's High On Life

dob: 2007-10-05  Dam: Kedveshazi Tingeling

Meinking's Eragon
Meinking's Eddiesson
Meinking's Ebba
Meinking's Engla
Meinking's Elliot

dob: 2007-05-16  Dam: Proud Pony Worth Waiting For

Proud Pony Kawasaki
Proud Pony Key To Success
Proud Pony Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Proud Pony Kings Will Be Kings
Proud Pony Kind Of Magic

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