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RUSJCH  Jun.Ch of BosniaZucci Miss Sari

: 2005-08-17
: black
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Svetlana Haas (Angel Look, Russland)
  • ©S.Haas

Siblings (6)


Zucci Too Hot To Handle To Vanitonia


Zucci Miss Sari
Zucci Dark And Dashing
Zucci Lord Of The Rings
Zucci Miss Zarah
Zucci It's Chico's Time

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-02-12  Sire: Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia

Angel Look Figaro
Ch. Angel Look Fairytale

dob: 2010-10-26  Sire: Legends Top Gun

Apriori Vip Zeus Angel Look
Ch. Apriori Vip Zorro Angel Look
Apriori Vip Zodiac Angel Look
Apriori Vip Zest Angel Look

dob: 2010-03-12  Sire: Legends Top Gun

Angel Look Nice Advice
Angel Look Nix
Angel Look Night Light

dob: 2008-09-01  Sire: Tenwiz Crash Bandicoot

Angel Look Intuition
Angel Look Illusionist
Angel Look Intriguer
Angel Look Indian Summer
Angel Look It's My Time
Ch. Angel Look Illusion Of Flight

dob: 2007-12-13  Sire: Tenwiz Crash Bandicoot

Angel Look Estrella
Ch. Angel Look El Magnifico

dob: 2007-02-22  Sire: Angel Look Admirable Boy

Ch. Angel Look Viva El Rey
Angel Look Velvet Revolver

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