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2001 - 2012
GIBCH  SECH  Zucci High Reputation

Reg. no
: AB02145304
: 2001-04-04
: Blue
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Alexandra Forth (Omegaville, England)

  • ©Johnson

Siblings (2)


Zucci High Reputation

No birth date recorded

Zucci Heavenly Highness at Tenwiz

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-08-08  Dam: Damaura Al Yman Al Maarii Sapphire

Señorío de castril Capricho Austro-Hungaro
Señorío de Castril Imperial Preferent
señorio de castril capricho austro hungaro

dob: 2006-10-01  Dam: Thunderball Stars Afrodite Girl

Bai Long's Dashing High
Ch. Bai Long's Dragonfly
Bai Long's Darling Dynamite
Bai Long's Diva D-lux
Bai Long's Diamonds are Forever omegaville
Bai Long's Dusk til Dawn

dob: 2006-09-25  Dam: Hibacka's Little Fairy Of Fantasia

Hibacka's The Sorcerer's Apprentice

dob: 2003-02-12  Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Zucci Tv Star Of Camoto

dob: 2002-09-25  Dam: Zucci's Starlight Express at Brialdo

Ch. Brialdo Bewitched by Zucci
Brialdo Dark Desire From Zucci
Brialdo Prince of Darkness from Zucci

dob: 2002-09-15  Dam: Zucci Miss Sophistication

Zucci Definatly A Dream
Zucci High Celebrity
Ch. Zucci Highly Devoted

dob: 2002-09-05  Dam: Zucci's In The Pink

Zucci Highly Justified
Ch. Zucci Highly Provocative At Vanitonia

dob: 2002-02-27  Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Ch. Zucci Highly Dramatic
Zucci Smitten Kitten With Angelwings
Zucci Highly Dashing

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