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1994 - 2005
GBCH  Zucci Definatly Desirable

Reg. no
: 1994-08-17
: Blue
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
  • ©Unknown

  • Crufts 2001
    ©Sanna Joutsela

Siblings (9)


Zucci Definatly Desirable
Zucci Definition Of Jazz
Zucci The Entertainer
Zucci Definatly Special SOM
Zucci Distinctly Defined
Zucci Perfect Definition
Zucci Perfectly Defined


Zucci's Queen Of Sheba

No birth date recorded

Zucci's In The Pink

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Zucci Reach For The Stars

dob: 2001-02-14  Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Zucci's Starlight Express at Brialdo
Zucci's Reach For The Stars

dob: 2000-03-16  Dam: Sharbour Gift Of Love To Maralou JW

Maralou Desirabley Loved
Maralou Wishing On A Star For Zucci

dob: 2000-02-05  Dam: Zucci High Sensation

Zucci High On Style
Ch. Zucci His Highness Of Oolagha
Zucci High Tara
Zucci Lord High Admiral

dob: 2000-01-28  Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Zucci's A Star Is Born

dob: 1999-11-19  Dam: Zucci Miss Sophistication

Zucci Highly Exotic At Oolagha
Ch. Zucci High Executive
Zucci Highly Enchanting
Zucci High Lander with Habiba
Zucci Highly Exquisite

dob: 1998-05-20  Dam: Neerodan Naughty but Nice Omegaville

Omegaville Whips Up A Storm At Lemiz
Omegaville Storm in a Teacup
Omegaville Whippin'Up A Storm At Zucci
Omegaville Stormy Weather
Omegaville Storm Brewing

dob: 1998-04-14  Dam: Jokima Just Fatal

Ch. Omegaville La Rumba
Omegaville Cha-Cha
Ch. Omegaville Database
Ch. Omegaville Kwickstep
Ch. Omegaville Virtual Reality

dob: 1997-02-23  Dam: Zucci High Expectations

Zucci Highly Surprising
Ch. Zucci Highly Amazing
Zucci Hi There
Zucci Red Baron
Zucci Her Highness

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