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GBCH  Habiba Take It Like A Man

: 2002-01-25
: Mahogony
: Hairless
Stuart Payne & Robert Dunlop (Habiba, Skottland)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Rich

  • ©habiba

Siblings (3)


Habiba Take It Like A Man
Habiba Some Girls Do
Habiba Manchild at Wencar

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Jokima Just Fatal

Habiba Femme Fatale

dob:   Dam: Moonswift Miss Mah Jong

Habiba Smitten Kitten

dob:   Dam: Habiba Ms Lovelace

Habiba Wolf Whistle

dob: 2012-01-26  Dam: Habiba Booty Call

Habiba Put A Spell On You
Habiba Will I Am At Casacavallo Jw

dob: 2011-04-27  Dam: Habiba Sugar Lips

Habiba In The Line Of Fire

dob: 2010-10-08  Dam: Habiba Haute Couture

Ch. Habiba Shoulda Been A Cowboy
Habiba Artic Adventure

dob: 2008-07-07  Dam: Habiba Bringing Sexy Back

Habiba Viva Victorius

dob: 2006-11-14  Dam: Moonswift Misty Girl

Habiba Show Pony Flagstones

dob: 2006-09-25  Dam: Habiba With An Attitude

Habiba Strictly Ballroom

dob: 2005-02-24  Dam: Movalian Temper Storm

Kericoe Moondancer

dob: 2003-11-14  Dam: Omegaville Virtual Reality

Ch. Habiba Boys Don't Cry At Wumao
Ch. Habiba Caught In The Act

dob: 2003-10-10  Dam: Shumllea Surprise Surprise with Konishiki

Konishiki Woody Jw. Sh CM
Konishiki Day Dream
Konishiki Kenai
Konishiki Zazu
Konishiki Pumba
Konishiki Sarabi
Konishiki Kovu

dob: 2003-05-15  Dam: Moonswift Miss Mah Jong

Ch. Habiba Pussy Galore

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