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NUCH  BISPSS-2019Girls Girls Groovy Moves

Reg. no
: NO58511/18
: 2018-10-09
: Hvite/Champagne
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 6.50kg (14.3#)
Eva Carina Kristiansen (Girls Girls, Norge)
Eva Carina Kristiansen (Girls Girls, Norge)
  • Spesalty show in oktober 2020
    ©Trine Ormholt Nicholisen

  • sommer 2020
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 23 mnd old alomst 2 years old
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 13 weeks old
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 7 weeks
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 3 weeks
    ©Eva C Kristiansen

  • 23.10.2018
    ©Eva C Kristiansen


1 x BOG3
2 x BOB

New Norwegian Champion 02.10.2022

1 x CAC at breed spesalty show
2 x CAC at National show
1 x R.CAC at breed spesalty show

1 x BBISS 2019
3 x BoG 3 Puppy
1 x BoG 4 Puppy

5 x BOB Puppy
1 x BOS Puppy

Health results
Eye cerfed. - free 09/2020 - Free 09/2021 - Free 09/2022
Patella Lux. - free 0/0
PLL. - Free by parents
PRA-prcd. -
PRA-prcd3. -

Stud Availabal to sutibel females

Siblings (4)


Girls Girls Groovy Moves
Girls Girls Golden Eye
Girls Girls Going in Style
Girls Girls Ghost Story

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-12-13  Dam: Av DA mia Cuccia Queen Teardrop

Girls Girls Love Harts Love Bug
Girls Girls Love Harts Guess Who
Girls Girls Love Harts Kiss Me

dob: 2022-04-19  Dam: Av DA mia Cuccia Queen Teardrop

Girls Girls Just like a Black Opal
Girls Girls Just like a Diamond
Girls Girls Just like a Topaz

dob: 2021-05-28  Dam: Court-Borne by Little Jade

Acnologia's The Purple One
Acnologia's Groover from Vancouver
Acnologia's Queen of Rock n Roll
Acnologia's King of Jazz

dob: 2021-05-10  Dam: Debbie Crestedgang


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