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DKCH  FINCH  VDHCH  INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  MULTICH BISS BJISS EuropeanJW'15 HerbstJW'15 NorwegianW'16 DanishW'17 BOB at EUW-specialty 2015 RCC Crufts'18 Crufts VeteranW'23Jean Dark Barbie Girl

: 2014-04-08
: Spotted
: Hairless
: 29.50cm (11.6")
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Linn W Lemmeke
  • BOB-veteran at Crufts 2023
    ©J. Lemmeke

  • BIS 2023
    ©Sussi Nilsson

  • 2016
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • BOB and among the six best in the group
    ©J. Lemmeke

  • September 2018
    ©S. Nilsson

  • August 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • August 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • September 2018
    ©S. Nilsson

  • August 2016
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • ©F.W Lemmeke

  • August 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Health results

  • August 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Lidköping 2018

  • Lidköping 2018

  • BOB and among the best 6 in the group
    ©J. Lemmeke

  • Group 2
    ©N. Lundberg

  • In the group final at Gimo IDS. Going group 2 under judge Åsa Andersson
    © Jossie Forsling

  • BOB out of 80 at Norweigan Winner 2016
    © J. Lemmeke

  • © Kristy Bello Herrera

  • June 2016
    © F.W Lemmeke

  • 2016, Barbie and Isabelle (one and a half) sharing ice cream. Barbies first meeting with a toddler :) <3
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • © F.W Lemmeke

  • © J.W Lemmeke

  • © J.W Lemmeke

  • Second best female at the Swedish specialty out of 124 entries
    ©J.W Lemmeke

  • BOS in Denmark
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • BIS/BOB at Eurocrested (European Crested Specialty show) 2015
    ©M. Ryrbäck

  • Junior
    ©M. Ryrbäck

  • Junior
    ©M. Ryrbäck

  • ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 26/11 2014
    ©FW Lemmeke

  • 26/10
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Barbie's first show and BOB :)
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Approximately three and a half months (23/7)
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Nine and a half week
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Approximately seven weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Approximately seven weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Six weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Six weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Six weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Five and a half week
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Five weeks old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Five weeks old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Three and a half week
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Ten days old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Ten days old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Newborn
    ©F.W Lemmeke


BEST IN SHOW-veteran Sundsvall, SKK 2023

BOB-veteran at Crufts 2023 under breed specialist Robert Dunlop, kennel Habiba

BOB-junior European Winner 2015
BIS/BOB adult & junior at European Winner specialty show 2015 (BIS junior & adult)
RCC at Crufts 2018
Nordic CC at her first try

CACIB Sweden
CACIB Denmark
CACIB Switzerland
CACIB Norway
CAC Sweden - champion
CAC Norway - champion
CAC Denmark - champion
CAC Finland - champion
CAC Germany - champion
1x Nordic CC Sweden (at her first try)
1x CAC Switzerland
3xClub CAC Germany
R-CAC Sweden
R-CAC Norway
1x R-CAC Switzerland
1xJ.CAC Germany

14.12.2019 First show in Sweden 2019; second best female and reserve Nordic Winner 2019

9.09.2018 CC-specialty in Sweden - 104 entries
Third place in champion class (3/11), shortlisted in best female competition (59 females total)
Judge: Yasumasa Shida

26.08.2018 Visby INT Cathrin Westin
2nd best female and RCACIB

25.08.2018 Visby NAT Svend Løvenkjær
Best of breed

Show break
13.05.2018 Nordic CC (at her first try) and BOS Lidköping NORD-show.
Judge: Lisbeth C Liljeqvist

07.04.2018 Best Of Breed Sundsvall

10.03.2018 RCC at Crufts 2018.
Judge: M. Burns

07.01.2018 2nd best female, RCACIB MyDog
Judge: Åsa Fröding

05.11.2017 BOB, CACIB, Danish Winner 2017 (CH class winner out of 11).
Judge: Ásta Maria Gudbergsdottir

08.10.2017 BOS, CACIB Sundsvall INT (CH class winner out of 8)
Total breed entry: 49

27.05.2017 BOG-2, BOB, CACIB, new INTCH at Gimo IDS (first show in Sweden after her puppies)

21.05.2017 Winning her 7 CAC in Germany and becoming new VDHCH - first show after her litter, and her second time in Germany in classes where it's possible win CAC for the VDHCH.

04.12.2016 BF-3 at the Swedish Winner Show 2016 out of 80.

19.11.2016 BOB, Norweigan winner, CACIB & CHCL (1/11). 80 dogs was entered. Judge: K. Butrimova

6.11.2016 Second best champion female at Nordic Winner 2016 (beated by Jean Dark Annie's Song)

20.05.2016 Open class winner, BF-2, CAC and Finnish champion at her first try

15.08.2016 Class winner out of 7-8, 2-BF, CAC, SWEDISH CHAMPION and by that also Danish, Norweigan and Nordic champion! Judge: breed specialist A. Palumbo

14.08.2016 Open class winner and 4-BF

10.07.2016 Class winner out of 10-11, 2-BF with CAC and R-CACIB

8.07.2016 Class winner out of 10-12, 2-BF with CAC and CACIB

28.05.2016 Class winner and 4th best female at Högbobruk INT

22.05.2016 2/23 in open class, second best female with R-CAC and best movements of all females at the Swedish specialty show under breed specialist Linda Biss (124 entries).

1.05.2016 Open class winner & BF-4

30.04.2016 Open class winner, BF-1, BOS, CAC, CACIB at Roskilde INT

6.12.2015 Class winner at Finnish Winner

22.11.2015 CAC, CACIB, BOB & BOG-3 in Switzerland

21.11.2015 R-CAC in Switzerland

16.10.2015 Herbst junior winner, CAC & Club CAC in Germany

19.09.2015 Reserve CPHJW'15

5.09.2015 Junior class winner, best female, BOB/BIS with CAC at Euro Crested specialty show (judge: Wendy van Oosten)

4.09.2015 European junior winner (out of 17), BOB junior, R-CAC and third best female (judge: Lisbeth Campbell)

2.08.2015 Second best junior at the CC-specialty

14.06.2015 WDS Italy, third place in junior class (17 hairless and 8 pp)

08.02.2015 First time in junior class, second time at a show - second best female in junior class (CQ), nine months old

25.10.2014 BOB-puppy, Sollentuna

No heart murmur december 2022
Pra-Prcd clear
PLL clear by test
PLL clear by parents
Patella 0/0 (clear)
Eyes clear 2016
Adult teeth: 6*6+4

Siblings (4)


Jean Dark Bang-A-Boomerang
Jean Dark Best Song Ever
Jean Dark Butterfly Fly Away
Jean Dark Barbie Girl

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-06-17  Sire: Sun-Hee's Million Dollar Outfit

Jean Dark Your Song
Jean Dark You Can't Hide Beautiful
Jean Dark You're Welcome
Jean Dark Your Little Secret
Ch. Jean Dark You Only Live Twice

dob: 2020-09-30  Sire: Krysolit Ice Crystal

Jean Dark Winter Melody
Jean Dark Winter Song
Jean Dark Winds of Change
Jean Dark Waiting for June
Jean Dark Working On A Tan
Jean Dark Whistleblower
Jean Dark Whispering Sea

dob: 2018-11-02  Sire: Jean Dark Making Memories

Jean Dark Puffibly Maybe At Lubadusi
Jean Dark Puffcorn Makes You Pop
Jean Dark Puff It Up Pinky Puff
Jean Dark Puffy Kind of Style
Jean Dark Practice Makes Puffect
Jean Dark Pinch My Fluff I'm a Puff!
Jean Dark Puff The Magic Dragon

dob: 2017-02-02  Sire: Sun-Hee's Million Dollar Outfit

Jean Dark No No No
Jean Dark Nice To Meet You
Ch. Jean Dark Nevermind
Jean Dark Na Na Na Na.. Batman!
Jean Dark Night's Lullaby
Ch. Jean Dark November Rain
Jean Dark Never Ever

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