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2005 - 2014
Zholesk Ibica

: 2005-05-06
: Hairless
Ganipolskaya Lusi (Zholesk, Russland)
Ekaterina Tomina (Olegro Katrin, Russland)
  • ©Ekaterina Tomina

Siblings (7)


Zholesk Rahat Lukum
Zholesk Raiskaya Ptichka


Zholesk Ibica
Zholesk Impuls


Zholesk Alf Amour
Zholesk Alleya Slavy
Zholesk Angel Stars Acro

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-11-19  Sire: Pippo ze Zatopene Chajdy

Olegro Katrin Algebra

dob: 2009-11-14  Sire: Crimson Devil Epocha

Olegro Katrin Charly
Ch. Olegro Katrin Chardone
Olegro Katrin Cha-Cha-Cha
Olegro Katrin Chester

dob: 2009-04-04  Sire: Olegro Katrin Never Stop

Olegro Katrin Innate Energy
Olegro Katrin I

dob: 2008-09-06  Sire: Olegro Katrin Never Stop

Ch. Olegro Katrin You MY Obsession

dob: 2008-01-28  Sire: Olegro Katrin Preferans

Olegro Katrin Blues
Ch. Olegro Katrin BJ
Ch. Olegro Katrin Butterfly

dob: 2006-10-19  Sire: Sasquehanna Denver

Zholesk Imperial 1
Ch. Zholesk Imperial 1
Zholesk Intuiciya
Ch. Zholesk Impozantnjy Puff
Ch. Zholesk Irgen Gold

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