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RKFCH  Best Puppy Breed, Russian-2008. Best Puppy Euro dog show-2008.Olegro Katrin Butterfly

: 2008-01-28
: bronze
: Hairless
Ekaterina Tomina (Olegro Katrin, Russland)
Tanya Jukovskaya (Alfa Laval, Russland)

  • ©alfa laval

  • ©alfa laval

  • ©Bonus

  • ©Olegro Katrin

  • ©Olegro Katrin

  • ©Olegro Katrin

  • ©Belie Nochi 2008

  • ©Olegro Katrin

  • ©Olegro Katrin

  • 1 month
    ©Tomina E.

  • 1 month
    ©Tomina E.

Siblings (3)


Olegro Katrin Blues
Olegro Katrin BJ
Olegro Katrin Butterfly

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-10-15  Sire: Irgen Gold Ulan Guerlain

Ch. Alfa Laval Swarovski
Alfa Laval Spark
Alfa Laval Sable
Alfa Laval Stylish Baby
Alfa Laval Celebrity Always Wins
Alfa Laval Sandwich

dob: 2013-09-04  Sire: Irgen Gold Ulan Guerlain

Ch. Alfa Laval Alarma
Alfa Laval Admiral
Ch. Alfa Laval Aurika
Ch. Alfa Laval Angry Horse
Alfa Laval Aurum
Alfa Laval Achtung

dob: 2011-10-29  Sire: Szelest Next Germanika

Ch. Ch. Alfa Laval Fortuna
Alfa Laval Forcing
Alfa Laval Fora

dob: 2010-05-30  Sire: Crest-Vue's Test'N The Ruggar

Alfa Laval Careerist
Ch. Alfa Laval Karnelius
Alfa Laval Courage
Alfa Laval Coat Is Smart
Alfa Laval Casting On Time

dob: 2009-10-13  Sire: Wermut Germanika

Alfa Laval Jewels In Gold
Alfa Laval Drive Time
Alfa Laval Don't Stop Me
Ch. Alfa Laval Dress Code
Alfa Laval Dream World
Alfa Laval Dynamic Flush

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