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2005 - 2019
BLRCH  LTCH  ROMCH  RUSCH  RKFCH  Cocolores Dr. Doolittle

: 2005-05-06
: white&black
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Susanne Haas (Cocolores, Tyskland)
Tania Fesunenko (Kredo Festa, Russland)

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • Fesunenko

  • Fesunenko

  • ©Susanne Haas

  • ©Cocolores

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

  • ©Fesunenko

Siblings (6)


Cocolores Dirty Harry
Cocolores Don Camillo
Cocolores Donna Doria
Cocolores Don Juan
Cocolores Dj Bo Bo
Cocolores Dr. Doolittle

Offspring (42) (Descendents)

dob: 2007-12-09  Dam: Steyt Ljuev Lady Show

Steyt Ljuev Nifertiti
Ch. Steyt Ljuev Nikol Kidman

dob: 2007-10-17  Dam: Kredo Festa Eva Nice Angel

Ch. You Only You Black Bumer
Ch. You Only You Bon Bon
You Only You B-minion of Fortune
You Only You Bad Boy
Ch. You Only You Be My Daydream

dob: 2007-08-16  Dam: Kredo Festa Palatial Pearl

Snow Mirekl Priscilla Kredo Festa
Snou Mirekl Paramount Master

dob: 2007-07-17  Dam: Kredo Festa Kalipso

Nevskiy Legion Kamilla

dob: 2007-06-28  Dam: Kredo Festa Illusion Of Magic

Kredo Festa Bemuseing Beauty
Ch. Kredo Festa Belle of the Ball

dob: 2007-06-22  Dam: Kredo Festa Ice and Fire

Arctic Glow Vitos Brilliant Escort
Arctic Glow Vayt Starlit Boy
Arctic Glow Vesta Talisman Good Luck

dob: 2007-04-01  Dam: Snou Mirekl Dolce Destiny

Snou Mirekl Liberti Live
Ch. Snou Mirekl Lusinda Beauti
Snow Mirekl Leila Dancing

dob: 2007-03-26  Dam: Kredo Festa Dew-Drop

Kredo Festa Sharm
Kredo Festa Shark
Kredo Festa Shik

dob: 2007-03-13  Dam: Kredo Festa Elizabeth Empress of Russia

Arctic Glow Beautiful Orera New Star
Arctic Glow Belinda Bali Firsth Forever
Arctic Glow Barin from Elbaren

dob: 2007-03-05  Dam: Kredo Festa Palmy Rose

Kredo Festa Charming Kiddy
Kredo Festa Chic Guy

dob: 2007-02-05  Dam: In-Sa-In Alfa Svift

Ch. Kredo Festa Ceremony
Ch. Kredo Festa Central Figure
Ch. Kredo Festa Centurion
Kredo Festa Center of the Universe

dob: 2006-12-16  Dam: Kredo Festa Palatial Pearl

Snou Mirekl Jenevieva Black Queen
Snou Mirekl Joshua

dob: 2006-11-06  Dam: Shelcovij Shlejf Alfa

Ch. Shelcovij Shlejf Elizar
Shelcovij Shlejf Efim
Ch. Shelcovij Shlejf Evangelista
Shelcovij Shlejf Epifan

dob: 2006-09-14  Dam: Kredo Festa Heart in Love

Ch. Crested Charm Zippi Butterfly
Crested Charm Zest Gerl

dob: 2006-08-22  Dam: Kredo Festa Image Of Beauty

Kredo Festa Ull Starlit Boy
Kredo Festa Una Starlight Night
Kredo Festa Unique
Kredo Festa Uto Godness of The Sun

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