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2001 - 2018
DCH(Club)  LUXCH  LUXJCH  StripPoker's Cover Girl

Reg. no
: VDH/CER CC 2318/03
: 2001-10-11
: brown with white
: Powderpuff
Tony Groenendijk & Arie Dijkhuizen (Strippoker's, Netherlands)
Susanne Haas (Cocolores, Tyskland)
  • ©Jaqueline Gräfe

  • ©Cocolores

  • ©Cocolores

Siblings (4)


StripPoker's Hit Em'Up Style
StripPoker's Lou Gin
StripPoker's Dirty Dancer
StripPoker's Cover Girl

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 2009-10-08  Sire: Taijan Dreamer Question Mark.

Cocolores I'm Solo

dob: 2007-02-08  Sire: Moonswift Cisco Kid

Cocolores Egoiste

dob: 2005-05-06  Sire: The Natural N'Co

Ch. Cocolores Don Camillo
Ch. Cocolores Dr. Doolittle
Cocolores Dirty Harry
Cocolores Dj Bo Bo
Cocolores Donna Doria
Cocolores Don Juan

dob: 2004-01-02  Sire: Cenn Modry kvet

Cocolores Belafonte
Cocolores Bocelli

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