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AUSTCH  Kojak Kourtier

Reg. no
: N2790302
: 1988-04-04
: Mahogany
: Hairless
Brenda & Barrie Jones (Kojak, England)
A. Iddon (Vadelle, Australia)

Siblings (6)


Kojak Kassiophia
Kojak Katkin
Kojak Kourtier


Kojak Karmen Of Zucci
Kojak Karousel
Kojak Koncerto

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Dragondancer The Pixie

Vadelle Fortune Kookie

dob: 1997-07-22  Dam: Juleko Narniahp

Juleko Kojak-Queen Minty
Juleko Lady Kartha

dob: 1996-04-27  Dam: Vadelle My Little Pony

Aztlon Keyoke

dob: 1995-09-11  Dam: Aztlon Liebestraum

Juleko Franklin

dob: 1994-11-16  Dam: Aztlon National Velvit

Tlaloc Tiger Lilly

dob: 1992-11-25  Dam: Lorroy Moonglow

Aztlon Stop N Stare
Aztlon Lady In White
Aztlon Cream Cracker
Aztlon Snowman
Aztlon Cinaman
Aztlon Krystal Gazer

dob: 1992-10-23  Dam: Roa-Ming From Bayadere

Tlaloc Naked Lady

dob: 1992-02-18  Dam: Vadelle Treakle Tart

Dragondancer Kinetik Art
Dragondancer Kaptn Khaos

dob: 1990-08-04  Dam: Eltarin Kandy N Kreme

Vadelle Kokanut Kreme

dob: 1989-12-09  Dam: Eltarin Kandy N Kreme

Ch. Vadelle Treakle Tart

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