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GBCH  Kojak Kavalier

Reg. no
: KCSB0691BU
: 1984-04-09
: Blue
: Hairless
Brenda & Barrie Jones (Kojak, England)
Brenda & Barrie Jones (Kojak, England)
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Fernandez


17 CC

Offspring (54) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Kojak Kapers Of Sufredon

Sufredon Lily The Pink

dob:   Dam: Kojak Keepsake At Brentville

Brentville Katrina
Brentville Kondor
Brentville Kordelia at Fearndale
Brentville Kestrel at Fearndale
Brentville Kismet

dob:   Dam: Nanimo Glowing Topaz Of Colboxhall

Colboxhall Zsa Zsa Gabald

dob: 1992-04-06  Dam: Kojak Kavalkade

Kojak Kolorado Kid

dob: 1990-06-09  Dam: Moonswift Miss Mavis

Moonswift Jhedda
Moonswift Shadow Dancer
Moonswift Conquistador
Moonswift Justin
Moonswift Dark Secret

dob: 1990-03-26  Dam: Moonswift Rhapsody In Blue

Moonswift Smokey Rhythm
Moonswift Kudu Of Kojak
Moonswift Serenade

dob: 1990-03-21  Dam: Moonswift Blue Orchid

Moonswift Dark Crystal
Moonswift Black Rajah
Moonswift Precious Pearl

dob: 1989-05-22  Dam: Blandora High Fidelity

Zucci High Class Lady Of Jokima
Ch. Zucci High Expectations
Zucci High Frequency At Honebon

dob: 1988-12-30  Dam: Krystal Of Kojak JW

Kojak Krystals Fluff
Kojak Krystalette
Kojak Krystalier

dob: 1986-12-21  Dam: Belmuriz Blueberry Of Kojak

Kojak Kristmas Karol
Ch. Kojak Kristmas Kracker
Kojak Kristmas Kard

dob: 1986-12-17  Dam: Kojak Krystina

Ch. Kojak Kordonbleu
Kojak Kafekreme

dob: 1986-05-28  Dam: Nanimo Glowing Topaz Of Colboxhall

Colboxhall Hooray Henry
Colboxhall Zir Garibaldi
Colboxhall Zsa Zsa Gabald Of Kurslake

dob: 1986-01-09  Dam: Krystal Of Kojak JW

Kojak Krystal Kaskade Chinensis
Kojak Kontribution
Kojak Kostellation
Kojak Krystopher

dob: 1985-11-17  Dam: Kojak Kapers Of Sufredon

Kojak Kilantro

dob: 1985-10-28  Dam: Pekevista Sum Chik Mei Of Kojak

Kojak Kassandra At Karazan
Kojak Kalypso
Kojak Konfucious
Ch. Kojak Kupid

dob: 1985-10-27  Dam: Kojak Krystina

Ch. Kojak King of the Blues
Kojak Knight In Blue Satin
Kojak Kafiya
Kojak Kontessa
Kojak Kashmere

dob: 1985-10-23  Dam: Kameo Of Kojak

Lillgårdens Carawelle
Lillgårdens Cosmos
Lillgårdens Cleopatra
Lillgårdens Cascade
Lillgårdens Concorde

dob: 1985-10-12  Dam: Kojak Kottonkandy

Kojak Kaftan Of Jujohn
Ch. Kojak Kavalkade

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