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1998 - 2015
AMCH  SOD 35 Champions ProducedBlandora Without A Doubt

Reg. no
: TN83002501
: 1998-07-14
: mahogany laced
: Hairless
Jeanette P Sewell (Blandora, England)
(N'Co, USA)
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Siblings (4)


Blandora Butterfly
Blandora Hearthrob
Blandora By Design
Blandora Without A Doubt

Offspring (81) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Blandora It's All About Me

Cavallino Don't Doubt Me

dob:   Dam: Chaparral Starling

Ch. Chaparral Rock Star
Ch. Chaparral Star Brite

dob:   Dam: Feather In My Hat N'Co

No Boundries N'CO
Quick And Easy N'CO

dob:   Dam: Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

Town and County N'CO

dob:   Dam: Navy Blue N'Co.

Another Episode Of N'Co
Ch. Revealed By N'CO

dob:   Dam: Sambuka N'co

Priscilla N'Co

dob:   Dam: Social Butterfly N'Co

The Socialite N'Co

dob: 2009-04-05  Dam: Perfectly N'Co

Stacking the Deck At Vegas N'CO

dob: 2007-01-01  Dam: Perfectly N'Co

Matchstick Man N'Co
Ch. Absolutely N'Co.
Ch. Carbon Copy N'co

dob: 2006-06-02  Dam: Sun-Hee's Unlimited Unique

Ch. The Unique Limited at N'Co

dob: 2004-07-30  Dam: Navy Blue N'Co.

Ch. Revealed By N'co.

dob: 2004-05-16  Dam: In Style With N'Co

Stylistic N'CO
She's Show Fine N'CO

dob: 2004-03-03  Dam: Feather In My Hat N'Co

Ch. This Girl Ain't Easy N'Co.

dob: 2004-02-09  Dam: I Am All That And More N'Co

Colorful Impressions Of N'CO
Ch. Let's Go Paint The Town N'CO

dob: 2003-06-25  Dam: Navy Blue N'Co.

The Sequel N'Co
Genuine N'Co

dob: 2003-06-22  Dam: I Am All That And More N'Co

Code Red N'Co
She's Hard To Beat N'Co
Ch. In The Spotlight Of N'co., Som
Ch. I'm Going Places N'Co

dob: 2003-03-03  Dam: Contradictions N'Co.

Born Blonde And Loving It N'CO
Ch. Savannah Bodeswell N'CO
Ch. All Decked Out N'Co

dob: 2003-01-17  Dam: Social Butterfly N'Co

Flavor Of The Day N'Co
Flavor Of The Week N'CO
Flavor Of The Month N'Co

dob: 2002-12-07  Dam: Navy Blue N'Co.

Ch. Prefer To Be Fancy N Co.
The Black Swan N Co.
Ch. Gonna Be A Classic N'Co

dob: 2002-11-23  Dam: Feather In My Hat N'Co

Ch. Jot It Down N'co
Ch. Lets Go Play N'co

dob: 2002-09-24  Dam: When Evening Falls N'Co

Evening Silhouette N'Co
Oh Me Oh My N'CO
Ch. Golden Tokens N'Co.

dob: 2002-09-16  Dam: Crestars Optical Attraction

Crestars Generation Gap
Ch. Crestars Xquizite At Legends DOM
Ch. Crestars The Heat Izzon HL
Ch. Crestars Gotcha Pix Zee Dust H
Ch. Crestars Mane Attraction
Ch. Crestars E Z Attraction Hl

dob: 2002-06-29  Dam: Contradictions N'Co.

From Here To Eternity N'co

dob: 2002-06-12  Dam: Social Butterfly N'Co

Ch. Glen Glos Cast No Doubt N'Co

dob: 2002-05-14  Dam: Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

N'Sync With N'Co.

dob: 2002-03-29  Dam: Encores Ode To Joy

Ch. Encores Moonlight Sonata
Ch. Encores Play It Again Sam
Encores Fidelio

dob: 2001-11-10  Dam: Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

Wanna Talk About Me N'Co.
Wanna Talk About No. One N'Co.
Ch. Wanna Talk About I N'Co.

dob: 2001-11-04  Dam: Golly Miz Molly N'Co.

Romance's Heart's Desire

dob: 2001-10-30  Dam: Social Butterfly N'Co

Ch. Beloved N'Co

dob: 2001-10-12  Dam: Feather In My Hat N'Co

Ch. Black Laced Teddy N'co.

dob: 2001-08-19  Dam: I Am All That And More N'Co

The Music Man N'co.
Most Valuable Player N'Co.
Glitz And Glamour N'Co.

dob: 2001-08-08  Dam: Just Before Dark N'Co.

Charade's N'Co

dob: 2001-05-17  Dam: Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

In A Newyork Minute N'Co.
Follow Your Dreams N'Co.

dob: 2001-02-01  Dam: Partyline N'Co

Ch. Viva Las Vegas N'Co
Ch. The Gamblers Obsession N'Co.
Ch. Casino Nights N'Co

dob: 2000-12-28  Dam: Just Before Dark N'Co.

The Millennium Queen Nina N'Co

dob: 2000-11-21  Dam: I Am All That And More N'Co

Ch. The Cosmopolitan N'Co

dob: 2000-11-14  Dam: Juicy Fruit N'Co

Ch. The Whole Sha Bang N'Co

dob: 2000-05-22  Dam: Moptop Woodlyn Champagne Music

Ch. Follow Your Heart N'Co.

dob: 2000-05-19  Dam: Juicy Fruit N'Co

Chain Reaction N'Co

dob: 2000-05-06  Dam: Raintreez Best Served Cold

Raintree's Pleeze Squeeze Me
Raintree's Paso Doble

dob: 2000-04-17  Dam: Sass Me No More N'Co

The Top Designer Label N' Co
Ch. Going For The Gold N'Co.

dob: 2000-04-10  Dam: I Am All That And More N'Co

Ch. It's All Or Nothing N'Co
Ch. I Feel Lucky N'co.

dob: 1999-10-29  Dam: Juicy Fruit N'Co

Going Platinum N'co
Ch. A Shimmer Of Light N'co, Dom

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