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RUSCH  RUSJCH  Fyre when ready de GabriTho

: 2011-12-07
: Hairless
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Østerike)
Ganipolskaya Lusi (Zholesk, Russland)

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  • in the new house
    2 months

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  • 4 dys old


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Siblings (17)


Melody d'Amour de GabriTho
Massimo de GabriTho
Magna cum Laude de GabriTho
Mythos de GabriTho
Mystic Druidwood de GabriTho
My Solino's de GabriTho


Taz Manian Devil de GabriTho
Takara Jemalle de GabriTho
Tabasco de GabriTho
Tiana To Avrina De GabriTho
Taifun de GabriTho


Fyre'n'Snow Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreCracker Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreFly Whisperln de GabriTho
Fyre when ready de GabriTho
Fyre'n'Ice Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreDragon Whisperln de GabriTho

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-04-28  Dam: Zholesk Smoke on the Water

Zholesk Status Quo
Zholesk Self Control

dob: 2014-01-10  Dam: Zholesk Ladushka dlya Volnogo Psa

Patron ot Volnogo Psa
Pavlina ot Volnogo Psa
Partizan ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Pulya ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 2014-01-06  Dam: Chervonnaya Dama ot Volnogo Psa

Odin na Million ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 2013-12-22  Dam: Kranar Ember Mist

Ch. Anna Sky Kennel Amore Prima Vista
Anna Sky Kennel Attracting All Smiles
Ch. Anna Sky Kennel Absolutely Fabulous

dob: 2013-11-30  Dam: Ni Perom Opisat ot Volnogo Psa

Nagrada Ot Volnogo Psa
N... Ot Volnogo Psa
N... Ot Volnogo Psa
Nevesta Ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 2013-06-22  Dam: Vivat Sanraiz Elina

Jour à Jour ot Lyali Beloy
Zh'olesk ot Lyali Beloy

dob: 2013-05-30  Dam: Zholesk Time Is Money

Zholesk Tagetes
Zholesk Tip Top
Zholesk Top Copy
Zholesk Titmouse
Zholesk Teddy Bear

dob: 2012-12-31  Dam: Some Kind Of Spectacular N'co

Zholesk Petroleum
Zholesk Parasol

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