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ATJCH  ÖZK-Klubjuniorw.07;Mythos de GabriTho

Reg. no
: 2006-09-12
: apricot
: Powderpuff
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Østerike)
Fam Karlsson
  • the adorable couple
    ©cool crowd's

  • noah in the garden 8.2.09

  • 10 Month old

  • ©Thoma

  • ©Thoma

Siblings (17)


Melody d'Amour de GabriTho
Massimo de GabriTho
Magna cum Laude de GabriTho
Mythos de GabriTho
Mystic Druidwood de GabriTho
My Solino's de GabriTho


Taz Manian Devil de GabriTho
Takara Jemalle de GabriTho
Tabasco de GabriTho
Tiana To Avrina De GabriTho
Taifun de GabriTho


Fyre'n'Snow Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreCracker Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreFly Whisperln de GabriTho
Fyre when ready de GabriTho
Fyre'n'Ice Whisperln de GabriTho
FyreDragon Whisperln de GabriTho

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-03-13  Dam: Angelcrest Carbon Breezer

Cool Crowds i'm Ronnie Gardocki
Cool Crowd's i'm Curtis Lemansky
Cool Crowd's i'm Claudette Wyms
Cool Crowd's i'm Vic Mackey
Cool Crowd's i'm Danni Sofer
Cool Crowd's i'm Shane Vedrell

dob: 2009-01-07  Dam: Blandora Maybe Just Maybe

Koynaur's Just Heavenly
Koynaur's Just Mr. Rimabra
Koynaur's Just A Fairytail
Koynaur's Just Hellonwheels

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