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2011 - 2018
BGCH  DKCH  VDHCH  INTCH(FCI)  SECH  GBGCH BALKCH "VICE WW'14" BalkanW'16 Group Winner IDSJean Dark Lady In Red

: 2011-06-12
: Mahogny & vit
: Hairless
: 29.50cm (11.6")
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Felicia W. Lemmeke
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Felicia W. Lemmeke
  • Autumn 2014
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 2015
    ©L.W Lemmeke

  • Switzerland 2015
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • 7-8/5 2016, Germany

  • Summer 2015
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Luna, class winner and R-CACIB at Bundessieger 2015
    ©Astrid Labuch

  • Luna in Denmark at vacation 2014
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • R-CACIB at World Dog show with 200 entries
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • At the table, WDS 2014
    ©Kennel Royalette

  • May 2013
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Reserve club junior world winner 2012 in Austria
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • BOB-puppy and BIS-2 at Swedish CC-special
    ©J.W Lemmeke

  • Luna, BOG, CAC & CACIB at Stockholm International Easter Dog Show with Felicia
    ©Ammi Aro

  • Jean Dark Lady In Red 11 months
    ©F. Lemmeke

  • First show for Luna, BOS puppy (jan. 2012)
    ©Fredrika Essgärde

  • ©A.Aro

  • Four weeks and one day
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • 11 days old
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke


1x BIS-2 (SWE)
1x BIS-3 (NO)
1x BOG-1 (SWE)
5x BOB
9x BOS
2xCACIB Bulgaria
1x CACIB Switzerland
3x CACIB Sweden
3x CAC Sweden
2x CAC Denmark
2x CAC Croatia
5x CAC Germany
1x CAC Norway
4xCAC Bulgaria
4x CLUB CAC Germany
13x R-CAC

Reserve World Winner 2014
Reserve Swedish Winner 2014
Reserve Bundessieger 2015
Reserve Club Junior World Winner 2012
Reserve Nordic Junior Winner 2012

- 2016 -
8/5 Second best champion female with R-CLUB CAC, BIS-1 breeders group

7/5 Second best champion female with R-CLUB CAC, BIS-3 breeders group at Spring Winner

6/5 Second best champion female, CAC, R-CLUB CAC, German champion, BIS-2 breeders group at Europasieger

20/3 Class winner, CAC, R-CACIB & Balkan champion.

19/3 Class winner, best female, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Balkan Winner 2016 & Grand Champion of Bulgaria

18/3 Class winner, CAC, R-CACIB & Bulgarian champion

17/3 Class winner, best female, CACIB, CAC & BOS (Sofia IDS). International champion!

- 2015 -
Crufts qualified

22/11 Class winner, CAC, R-CACIB, second best female in Switzerland

21/11 Class winner, CAC, CACIB and second best female in Switzerland

18/10 Class winner, 2xVDH-CAC, 2xClub CAC, R-CACIB, reserve Bundessieger'15

16/10 Class winner at Herbst winner 2015, VDH-CAC & Club CAC

5/9 Second place in CHCL, third best female with R-CAC at Eurocrested (judge: Wendy van Oosten)

4/9 Fourth best champion female at European Winner (judge: Lisbeth Campbell)

Champion class winner and 3 best female with R-CACIB

- 2014 -
Crufts qualified

14/12 Winner of champion class and second best bitch with R-CACIB at Swedish Winner Show 2014. Judge: Christina Rossier, Schweiz. Entries: 83

Second best female with R-CACIB (Gotland)

BOS (Gotland)

Fourth best female in Eskilstuna

Second place in open class and R-CACIB,
"VICE WORLD WINNER 2014" - World Dog Show, Helsinki, 10/8

BOB, CAC & CACIB Jönköping International Triple Dog Show

BOS, CAC & CACIB - Köping international dog show

Third place in open class at the Swedish CC-specialty show (8/6)

Reserve best female in Sundsvall

Fourth best female at Strägnäs international dog show

- 2013 -
Crufts qualified

116 best show dog (all breeds) in Sweden

19 best female in Sweden (CC club)

Third place at Norwegian Winner 2013 (81 enters)

Second best female at Klub Toy Winner 2013, R-CAC

BOS and CAC, Denmark

2 CAC and 2 R-CAC in Croatia, 4 Summer Show

Fourth best female at Köping International

Reserve female and R-CAC, Avesta

Fourth best female, Lidköping

BOB, BOG, CAC and CACIB at Stockholm international dog show

BOS and CAC Fredericia, Denmark

- 2012 -
BIS-2, breeders group (international before Bundessieger) and BIS-3, breeders group at Bundessieger

Second place and CAC at Bundessieger

CRUFTS qualification

Third best female, Askersund

Second best female, R-CAC, Avesta

Second place in junior class at World club show

Shortlisted (out of seven) in a big junior class at WW in Austria

Second place at Nordic winner (junior)

BOS (saturday) and BOB + BIS-3 at the puppyshow in Norway

BOB & BIS-2(special show, only for Chinese cresteds in Flen) 2012

BOS puppy in Sollentuna (puppy show)

Patella CLEAR
Eyes CLEAR 2015 & 2016
PLL carrier

Siblings (6)


Jean Dark Little Lion Man
Jean Dark Last Christmas
Jean Dark Love Me Do
Jean Dark Lady Stardust
Jean Dark Lemon Tree
Jean Dark Lady In Red

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-09-11  Sire: Maybell's Lord Of The Rings

Ch. Jean Dark Made For Me
Jean Dark Mrs. Robinson
Jean Dark Mary's Song
Jean Dark Mr. Tambourine Man
Jean Dark Material Girl
Jean Dark Maybe Next Time
Jean Dark M
Jean Dark Making Memories
Jean Dark Man In The Mirror
Jean Dark Maggie May

dob: 2015-04-26  Sire: Hooki z Teramonu

Jean Dark Hello Darling
Ch. Jean Dark Head Over Heels
Ch. Jean Dark Hit The Road Jack
Jean Dark Happyland
Jean Dark Honey Honey
Ch. Jean Dark Hakuna Matata
Jean Dark How Do You Do
Jean Dark Here Comes The Sun
Jean Dark Hooked On A Feeling

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