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Jean Dark Lady Stardust

: 2011-06-12
: Hairless
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
Lars Söderberg & Susie Anger-Söderberg (Suanho's, Sverige)
  • ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Dustie at WDS as junior (shortlisted among six in a big junior class)
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 2012-04-15

  • ©

  • ©Suanho's

  • ©Suanho's

  • ©A.Aro

  • Stardust 8.5 weeks

  • Eight weeks
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Eight weeks
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Eight weeks
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Six weeks and three days
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Four weeks and one day - first time outside
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Four weeks and one day
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Three weeks and two days
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • 11 days old
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke



Shortlisted (among the six best) in junior class at WDS 2012

BOB-puppy x 3
BIG-4 puppy x2


Siblings (6)


Jean Dark Little Lion Man
Jean Dark Last Christmas
Jean Dark Love Me Do
Jean Dark Lady Stardust
Jean Dark Lemon Tree
Jean Dark Lady In Red

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-05-08  Sire: Valanyan Sunset Heat

Suanho's Tupac Amaru
Suanho's Satanta
Suanho's Saturiwa
Suanho's Paxinos
Suanho's Onondaga
Suanho's Tlingit

dob: 2015-05-18  Sire: Proud Pony You May Look

Suanho's Dakota
Ch. Suanho's Pennacook
Suanho's Cahuilla
Suanho's Shahala
Suanho's Wampanoag
Suanho's Palouse

dob: 2014-03-30  Sire: Hooki z Teramonu

Suanho's Menominee
Suanho's Wayana
Suanho's Tamaroa
Suanho's Hunkpapa
Suanho's Kamayura
Suanho's Tillamook
Ch. Suanho's Shebayo

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