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INTCH  RUSCH  RUSJCH  RKFCH  Anayi von Shinbashi

: 2010-09-25
: white
: Hairless
Annerose Demski (von Shinbashi, Tyskland)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (3)


Ascari von Shinbashi
Annayake von Shinbashi
Anayi von Shinbashi

Offspring (45) (Descendents)

dob: 2020-04-08  Dam: Golden Valley Apple Olis Best In The Vinning

Amaterasu Hana Bonapart
Amaterasu Hana Brilliant King of My Heart

dob: 2018-01-22  Dam: Ksolo Club Inshala

Ksolo Club Bell Annabel
Ksolo Club Baahubali
Ksolo Club Bourbon Natural leather
Ksolo Club B.
Ksolo Club Biatris Show Girl

dob: 2014-07-31  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin Premium

Family Mar'S Cospozha Udacha
Family Mar'S Cermiona Creindzher
Family Mar'S Colubka
Family Mar'S Cordei
Family Mar'S Corlinka

dob: 2014-06-30  Dam: Magnet Success Amira Esther

Baron Munchausen Iz solneghnoi harmonii
Baroness Shinbashi Iz solneghnoi harmonii
Busia Nikolaevna Iz Solneghnoi Harmonii
Bonapart Napoleon Iz solneghnoi harmonii
Botticheli Vyacheslavova Iz solneghnoi harmonii

dob: 2014-06-29  Dam: Sky Miracle Daisy For Fantastik Kashmir

Fantastik Kashmir G..
Fantastik Kashmir Gregori Black (aka Gotcha)
Fantastik Kashmir Lady Gaga
Fantastik Kashmir G..

dob: 2014-03-05  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Astra Vita

Fantasy Vita Alto Neve
Ch. Fantasy Vita Alfa Fiera
Ch. Fantasy Vita Alonso Habi
Fantasy Vita Alunno Maliardo
Fantasy Vita Alato Cavallo

dob: 2013-12-26  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Ramona Beauty

Naleks Art Wales
Naleks Art Winston
Naleks Art Walton

dob: 2013-07-17  Dam: Ksolo Club Ametista

Ksolo Club Zhan-Pol Leonardo
Ksolo Club Zhemchuzhina Latifa
Ksolo Club Zhasmin Letisiya
Ksolo Club Zhanmark Lui

dob: 2012-10-15  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Astra Vita

Orero Lovely Blanka Nevada
Orero Lovely Brava"iz Vanilnychsnow
Orero Lovely Bonny Mischka
Orero Lovely Beauty Force

dob: 2012-08-31  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Grace Forever

Ch. Chado Ralph Rucci Grace Forever
Ch. Christian Dior Grace Forever

dob: 2012-07-18  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Eolanta Belle

Fantastik Kashmir

dob: 2012-07-15  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Eolanta Belle

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Prima Speis
Fantastik Kashmir Peter
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Paskal' Mistikboy
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Ptita Of Mine
Fantastik Kashmir P

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