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Proud Pony U've Got Talent

: 2010-05-17
: svart
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sverige)
Pavlina Zemanova (Princess Sherry, Tsjekkia)

  • ©Pavlina Zemanova

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Siblings (5)


Proud Pony U Make It Real
Proud Pony U've Got That Something
Proud Pony U Are Always On My Mind
Proud Pony U've Got Talent
Proud Pony U Could Be Mine

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-12-23  Dam: Justine Queen Malverne

Majky z BoniKi
Mia z BoniKi

dob: 2016-07-01  Dam: Bahia Dinkey Deluxe

Eglantina Toutou Velu
Elevill Toutou Velu
Esisha Toutou Velu
Escobara Toutou Velu
Elienette Toutou Velu

dob: 2016-01-13  Dam: Holly z Boniki

Lara z BoniKi
Lussy z BoniKi
Lilly z BoniKi
Lukas z BoniKi
Loki z BoniKi
Leonardo z BoniKi
Lucifer z BoniKi

dob: 2014-10-10  Dam: Bliss Tibetska noc

Terra - Cotta Kalis z Treste

dob: 2013-07-01  Dam: Bai Long's Dragonfly

Frankie z Jasne hvezdy
Flower z Jasne hvezdy
Freya z Jasne hvezdy

dob: 2013-02-28  Dam: Zucci Queen from Bright Star

Ch. Darling Delfi z Jasne hvezdy

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