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Brabo Winner 2012 - Ambiorix Junior Winner 2011Dresscode-Zero Joker Games

Reg. no
: LOSH1075277
: 2010-04-05
: Hairless
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgia)
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgia)
  • @ the beach 4.5 years old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • @ the beach 4.5 years old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • My proud Joker 18 months
    ©Ilse Callens

  • 16 months old @sea
    ©Ilse Callens

  • hehe , his look says enough... I'll have you for this mom.
    Joker, almost 15 months
    ©An Callens

  • One year, looks like he just saw the devil himself ;)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Joker 10 months
    ©Ilse Callens

  • After a walk 6.5 months old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Joker loves his walks, but cows even more :)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • 4 months
    ©An Callens

  • Joker at 4 months !
    ©An Callens

  • 4 months old
    ©An Callens

  • running with me 16 weeks
    ©An Callens

  • 16 weeks and having fun :)
    ©An Callens

  • Sweet little Joker almost 12 weeks
    ©Ilse Callens

  • 10 weeks, free stacking as he likes it the most :))
    ©Ilse Callens

  • My proud boy Joker @ 8 weeks
    ©Ilse Callens

  • showboy at almost 5 weeks :)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Joker 3weeks 2 days
    ©Ilse Callens

  • One day old
    ©Ilse Callens

Siblings (5)


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Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-03-11  Dam: Shida The Showgirl Must Go On

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Dresscode-Zero Needs Some Spanking
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dob: 2013-03-26  Dam: Dresscode-Zero Insane Lee

Dresscode-Zero Mantra for Mankind
Dresscode-Zero Mysterious Me

dob: 2012-02-03  Dam: Fraszka z Gangu Lysych

Ch. Fei Fei for Irgen Gold Gattaca
Flora Moreno Gattaca
Ch. Fernet Branca Gattaca
Flower by Kenzo Gattaca

dob: 2011-10-22  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Javina Puar

Dresscode-Zero Khal-El
Dresscode-Zero Kala Azar

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