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: 2009-07-05
: Red
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4")
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sverige)
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sverige)
  • 14 years old, august 2023, BIS at our specialty show
    ©Jean Dark

  • 2017
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 2020, STOKKS vackraste (qualified for a special show). Only beaten by the BIS-dog
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • BIS and BIS-veteran at our specialty with over 100 entries 2018
    ©Jean T

  • Almost 11 years (27/5 -19)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Almost 11 years (27/5 -19)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • September 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • September 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 2014
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Summer 2016
    ©R. Nordahl

  • Summer 2016
    ©R. Nordahl

  • Summer 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Saga, autumn (october) 2013
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Sun-hee's I'm a Marionette, Jean Dark Chiquitita & Jean Dark Lady In Red in Denmark on vacacion :) Summer 2013, august
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Summer 2013
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Summer 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Austria, World Winner Dog Show, 2012 (may)
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Austria 2012, World Winner Dog Show
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • April 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • May 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Saga in Denmark, 2011
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Januari 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Januari 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Januari 2012
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 1 September
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • The beauty
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Crazy Saga :)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • In Denmark
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • My beauty :)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Spring 2011
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Spring 2011
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga, winter 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga & hennes favorit gossedjur - Ior
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Semester i Danmark 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Semester i Danmark 2010
    Saga tyckte det var rätt roligt att bada, hon gick i flera gånger :)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Maj 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Maj 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Pretty :)
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Maj 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • My beauty
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga & China, spring 2010
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Running Saga
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • VInterspecialen 2010
    ©Ammi Aro

  • Vinterspecialen 2010, Saga blev BISvalp
    ©Ammi Aro

  • Saga, December 2009
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga, hösten 2009
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga, sommaren 2009
    ©Felicia W Lemmeke

  • Saga
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 5 weeks

  • Saga & Carlos 4,5 weeks


Best In Show at our specialty show 2018 (9 years)
Best In Show at our specialty show 2023 (14 years)

Danish Veteran Winner 2019
German Veteran Winner 2019
Swedish Veteran Winner 2018
Nordic Veteran Winner 2018
Norwegian Veteran Winner 2018
Danish Veteran Winner 2018
Swedish Veteran Winner 2017
Norwegian Veteran Winner 2017
Danish Veteran Winner 2017
Nordic Junior Winner 2010
Copenhagen Junior Winner 2010
Reserve Nordic Veteran Winner 2019
Reserve World Veteran Winner

Best In Show out of 100+ at the breed specialty 2018
Best Head in Specialty 2017
Best female head in Specialty 2018

Best In Show Veteran Markaryd 2023
Best In Show Veteran Borås 2019
Best In Show Veteran Lidköping 2019
Best In Show Veteran 2018
Best In Show Veteran CC-specialty 2018
Best In Show Veteran-3 Växjö IDS 2018
Best In Show Veteran-2 Köping 2017

Best in race 2021 at our specialty (12+ years)
Best in race 2018 at our specialty

- Veteran results 2023 -
BIS, BIS-veteran, BOB at the Swedish specialty show under judge Zaco Sonne Futterup

BOB-veteran at MyDog under judge Jussi Liimatainen

- Veteran results 2021 -

Fourth best female at our specialty show 2021

- Veteran results 2019 -

German Winner 2019
BOB-veteran, shortlisted in the finale with 80 veterans

Borås SDHK
Best In Show veteran, best female and BOS, BOB-veteran

Swedish CC-specialty; BOS-veteran

BOB-veteran, second best female & BEST IN SHOW veteran, Lidköping

MyDog (january) BOS-veteran & third best female

- Veteran results 2018 -
1/5 veteran females & Norwegian veteran winner. Also CC and thereby Nordic & Norwegian Champion!

1/4 veteran females & Nordic Veteran Winner 2018!

BEST IN SHOW-3 veteran and BOB-veteran at Växjö IDS (BIS-judge: Rodi Hübenthal)

BEST IN SHOW at Swedish CC-specialty out of 104 2018
BEST IN SHOW VETERAN at Swedish CC-specialty 2018
Best head of females

- Veteran results 2017 -
BOS-veteran and 4th BF at Swedish Winner

RCC at Finnish Winner

BOB-veteran and BF-2 with RCC at Norwegian Winner. Entry: 64

BOB-veteran and Danish Veteran Winner 2017

BOB-veteran and 2th best female, Köping 23/7

BOB and BIS-veteran 2, Köping 22/7

4th best female and best head at the Swedish CC-specialty

- 2017 -


Second best female as junior in Österbybruk, 90 chinese crested entered

Third best female at Copenhagen Winner 2010

CAC Norway
NordJW-10 Norge
BOB & BIG-4, Norway

CRUFTS qualification

Second place at Danish Winner 2010

Fourth best female at Nordic Winner 2011

Second best female at Bundessieger with R-cacib 2011

2012 ~

BOB, CAC and BIG-3 Norway

Second best female, R-CAC, Norway

Third place at World Dog Show (2012)

Third best female (Norway)

Second best female at World Club Show

Second best female (Norway), R-CAC & R-CACIB

Class winner at Bundessieger (2 CAC)

2013 ~

2 CAC, 2 R-CAC and R-CACIB at 4 Summer Show, Croatia

Second best female, sundsvall international, R-CACIB

4-BF at Norwegian Winner 2013 (81 enters)

R-CACIB in Austria, Denmark, Deutschland, Croatia, Sweden

2014 ~

Second place in champion class at the Swedish CC-specialty show(7/6)

Fourth place in champion class at the Swedish CC-specialty show (8/6)

Second best bitch & R-CACIB Jönköping International Triple Show (2/8)

Fourth best bitch at Jönköping ITDS (3/8)

4 x Sweden
1 x Croatia
1 x Austria
2 x Germany
2 x Denmark
1 x Norway

Heart checked the latest time: February 2023, no murmur detected
Eyes CLEAR 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2018
Patella CLEAR
PLL CLEAR by parents
Pra-Prcd CLEAR

Siblings (6)


Sun-Hee's Impossible Dream
Sun-Hee's It's All Or Nothing
Sun-Hee's Indian Magic
Sun-Hee's I Eat Nobody's Dust
Sun-Hee's Ice Icecube
Sun-Hee's I'm a Marionette

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-12-03  Sire: Hooki z Teramonu

Jean Dark Julia Anne
Jean Dark Joan of Arc
Jean Dark Just Like Me
Jean Dark Joyride
Jean Dark Jack Sparrow

dob: 2015-04-24  Sire: Rimabra's Let's Do It

Ch. Jean Dark Gangnam Style
Jean Dark Glitter & Gold
Ch. Jean Dark Girl Next Door
Jean Dark Good Day Sunshine

dob: 2014-01-27  Sire: Jean Dark Lemon Tree

Jean Dark A Sunday Smile
Ch. Jean Dark Annie's Song
Ch. Jean Dark Always and Forever
Jean Dark A Song For You
Jean Dark Always On My Mind

dob: 2013-01-12  Sire: Jean Dark Lemon Tree

Jean Dark Chiquitita
Jean Dark Captain Sunshine
Jean Dark Crash! Boom! Bang!

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