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2009 - 2019
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: 2009-02-08
: Cream
: Powderpuff
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, USA)
Brandi Ritchie (Dasha, USA)
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, USA)

  • ©Brandon

  • ©Brandon

  • ©Brandon

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  • ©Dasha

  • WD and BOW, Weekend of the Nationals =)
    ©Dan Pearson

  • ©Tara

  • ©Tara

  • ©Sosa

  • ©Pike =)


WD and BOW at the 2010 Crested Specialty in OK City!! Finished with 3 majors

CERF Clear- 7/24/2010
Patellas Normal
Cardio- Normal

Last Legends Male in the US

Siblings (3)


Legends Start With A Bang
Legends Stop The Press At Zhen
Legends Headline News SOM

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-05-30  Dam: Dasha Cabaret Shut The Front Door

Dasha's LezBeHonest

dob: 2013-12-03  Dam: Hi-Life's Geisha Girl of Dasha

Dasha's ..........
Ch. Dasha's Once You Go Black
Dasha's Ranger Danger
Dasha's Jaxi

dob: 2012-02-29  Dam: Cabaret's Chaca Kaan I Feel For You

Ch. Dasha Cabaret Moon River
Cabaret Nova Star

dob: 2012-02-01  Dam: Hilife Sirius It's Not Butter

Cabaret Foxy Roxy
Cabaret Morganna

dob: 2011-09-20  Dam: Crestars Halle BareE

Zoelle-Taracrest Bonanza
Ch. Taracrest-Zoelle Jericho

dob: 2011-08-04  Dam: Cabaret's Chaca Kaan I Feel For You

Cabaret Bella Of The Ball

dob: 2011-07-26  Dam: Hi-Life's Sirius Erin Go Braless

Dasha's A Lil Bit Sideways At Cabaret
Ch. CH Dasha's Acarumba Cheechees

dob: 2011-05-06  Dam: Mooncrest Miss American Pie

Ch. Dasha's Well Armed
Dasha's A Little Bit Gaudy

dob: 2011-03-09  Dam: Hi-Life's Geisha Girl of Dasha

Dashas Ghetto Fabulous AT Aurak
Dasha's Cooper
Dashas Sausy Wench

dob: 2010-10-10  Dam: Mooncrest Miss American Pie

Dasha's Drop N Gimme Ten SOM
Ch. Dasha's Xxx Star AOM
Dasha's Hang Ten
Dasha's On The Count Of Ten
Mooncrest Journey to Siam

dob: 2010-07-10  Dam: Hi-Life's Geisha Girl of Dasha

Ch. Dasha's Karmas A Bich
Dasha's PP Boy

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