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BLRCH  MNCH  GEOCH  RUSCH  RUSJCH  SMCH  SLOJCH  EuroSpecialShow 2010 (Slovenia) - Best junior, Winner of National Club, Champion San Marino, Champion of the MediterraneanSolino's Rebel Yell

: 2009-05-28
: Blue
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Iris Schultz (Solino's, Tyskland)
Nataliy Latkina (Lanart, Russland)
  • ©Lanart

  • ©Solino's Rebel Yell - Exc.1 Best Junior EuroSpecialShow 2010 (Slovenia)

  • Solino's Rebel Yell - Exc.1
    Best Junior EuroSpecialShow 2010 (Slovenia)

  • ©Lanart

  • ©

  • 04.25. first show time: J-CAC, Best Junior

  • ©©Lanart

  • ©Lanart

  • ©Lanart

  • ©Solino's

  • would give a cent for his mind....

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • nearly 4 months

  • head shot

  • " Sitting Bull"

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Dutch Rebels

  • ©Dutch Rebels

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 1 months


French Championship Show 2011- 4 excellent
WORLD DOG SHOW 2011- 3 excellent

Siblings (6)


Solino's Rockefeller
Solino's Rock me Baby
Solino's Rumors Abound
Solino's Ready to Rock
Solino's Rive Gauche
Solino's Rebel Yell

Offspring (52) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-03-02  Dam: Lumia Next Germanika

Ksolo Club Cheroky
Ksolo Club Chelsy
Ksolo Club Cherry

dob: 2016-09-01  Dam: Lanart Bilberry Ksolo Club

Ksolo Club Garish Style Lanart
Ksolo Club Graffiti Lanart
Ksolo Club Galaxy Stars

dob: 2014-09-16  Dam: Crested Style Tsunamie

Star Level Right Choice
Star Level right here right now
Star Level Rain From Diamonds
Star Level Dasha

dob: 2013-06-10  Dam: Ksolo Club Nikol

Ksolo Club Erman
Ksolo Club EVA

dob: 2013-03-28  Dam: Mano Ponis Manilla

Ch. Mano Ponis Everestas
Mano Ponis Elbrusas
Mano Ponis Elleganta
Ch. Mano Ponis Eldoradas
Mano Ponis Eufratas

dob: 2013-03-16  Dam: Zhenevjeva Zhu-Zhu iz Jablonevogo Sada

Lanart Firmennyj Style iz Jablonevogo Sada
Lanart Face Kontrol' Ksolo Club

dob: 2013-01-26  Dam: Crested Style Intention To Win

Ch. Showplace Richness Of Content
Ch. Showplace Rear Admiral
Ch. Showplace Rapunzel

dob: 2012-12-31  Dam: Ksolo Club Zabava

Ksolo Club Dunhill Always Best
Ksolo Club Daos De Bora
Ksolo Club Diamond The Best
Ksolo Club Decent Bright Success
Ch. Ksolo Club Dolce de Luna

dob: 2012-11-05  Dam: Ksolo Club Ozaliya

Ch. Ksolo Club Gefest
Ksolo Club Gamma
Ksolo Club Gemma
Ksolo Club Germes
Ksolo Club Germiona
Ksolo Club Gerakl

dob: 2012-02-28  Dam: Ksolo Club Zoe Lanart

Lanart Essence of Beauty Ksolo Club
Lanart Europa Ksolo Club
Lanart Emilio Ksolo Club
Lanart Enterprise Ksolo Club
Lanart Enigma iz Ksolo Club
Lanart Exotic Vanilla Ksolo Club

dob: 2012-02-25  Dam: Lanart Bilberry Ksolo Club

Lanart Dance of Fire iz Ksolo Club
Ch. Lanart Dunhill Ksolo Club
Ch. Lanart Desire Me dlya Ksolo Club
Lanart Domino Effect v Ksolo Club

dob: 2011-05-13  Dam: Chervona Ruta iz Sozvezdiya Psov

Touch Beauty Dazzling Lady
Touch Beauty Delux
Ch. Touch Beauty Dizzy Success
Ch. Touch Beauty Double Strike

dob: 2010-12-20  Dam: Ksolo Club Zoe Lanart

Ch. Lanart Campari Ksolo Club
Lanart Calgary Ksolo Club
Lanart Caramel Ksolo Club
Lanart Cashmere
Ch. Lanart Color of Night

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