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DKKLCH  DKCH  SECH  Copenhagen Winner 2011Twice as Nice Midnight Special

Reg. no
: DK09421/2008
: 2007-10-11
: Svart
: Hairless
: 30.50cm (12.0") / 5.68kg (12.5#)
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
Henrik Futtrup (Crest'd Label, Danmark)
  • Snacky in the Garden

  • Int. Show Vejen June 2009

  • ©Crest'd Label

  • Int. DKK 4 Best Male Vejen 2010
    ©Cool Crowd's

  • Int. Vejen 2010
    ©Cool Crowd's

  • ©Zaco

  • ©Zaco

  • Tvååker

  • Tvååker int show
    Snacky BOB Swedish cac, Cacib

  • Snacky BOB cac, cacib Int show Tvååker

  • Snacky Tvååker nat. cac, second best male

  • Snacky BOB Tvååker cac, cacib

  • Snacky Grenå 3 Club Cac, Two times 2 Best male

  • Snacky in the forrest

  • The Brand new and steaming HOT DkChampion;o)

  • Snacky Int. Show Vejen Denmark winning his last Certificat, by that gaining his DK Champion tittle.

  • Snacky and Catlink ;o))))

  • ©Hodja

  • ©Futte

  • Snacky in Stockholm the day after the big Show

  • Snacky in Sweden

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • Snacky at the little dog Club Show Saturday 2008

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • Snacky ring training

  • ©Futte

  • ©Futte

  • Snacky Playing in the garten.

  • ©Wrisnig

Siblings (7)


Twice as Nice Mezmerize
Twice as Nice Mumsfilibabba
Twice as Nice Meteora
Twice as Nice Midnight Special
Twice as Nice Make Some Noise
Twice as Nice Made You Smile
Twice as Nice Making Waves

Offspring (38) (Descendents)

dob: 2013-07-13  Dam: Crest'd Label Step A'Side Boy'z

BCNU hairless male
BCNU Powderpuff Girl
BCNU Powderpuff Boy

dob: 2013-05-05  Dam: Omegaville Hey Look Me Over

Crest'd Label Candy Cane
Crest'd Label Sweet and Salty
Ch. Crest'd Label Candy Pop
Crest'd Label Candy Crush

dob: 2012-12-18  Dam: Müslis Gin Rummy

Ch. Speechless Disco Heaven
Speechless Black Jesus Amen Fashion
Speechless Marry The Night
Speechless Dance In The Dark
Speechless Poker Face
Ch. Speechless Highway Unicorn
Ch. Speechless Heavy Metal Lover

dob: 2012-11-12  Dam: House Of Fun's Joyfull Josefine

House Of Fun's Last One

dob: 2012-03-10  Dam: Lohamras Mums Mums

Desireme Why Am I Crying
Desireme Shout It Out
Desireme Amazing
Desireme Euphoria
Desireme Mystery like Ayuba

dob: 2012-01-11  Dam: Vanitonia C'est La Vie

Ch. Hard To Copy of Angel's Legacy
Honk If You Like Me of Angel's Legacy
Ch. How Dare You of Angel's Legacy
Here And There of Angel's Legacy
Hungry Eyes of Angel's Legacy
Hold Your Grand of Angel's Legacy
Have It Your Way of Angel's Legacy

dob: 2011-07-13  Dam: Happy Dancing Fantasy Fatima

Happy Dancing Ninja Naruto
Happy Dancing Natural Nirwana

dob: 2011-01-10  Dam: Volshebnaja Loshadka Galaxy

Crest'd Label Flying Blackbird
Crest'd Label Miss Black Pearl
Crest'd Label Black Magic Lady
Crest'd Label Black Knight
Ch. Crest'd Label Back in Black

dob: 2009-11-21  Dam: Kranar Rose in Black

Tai Bent Adorable Captain Morgan
Ch. Tai Bent Agnus Dei Perla
Ch. Tai Bent Amazing Jack Sparrow
Ch. Tai Bent Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

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