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2007 - 2018

Reg. no
: FIN28809/08
: 2007-05-12
: Cream
: Powderpuff
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 6.50kg (14.3#)
Jennifer Young (Shida, USA)
Skrepinskaya Elena (Moment of glory, Russland)
  • January 2015

  • January 2015

  • Summer 2017

  • 9 years

  • Hupu went BOB at Finnish Toydogs' Speciality show 2010 and this photo was taken when he was waiting for the BIS-ring.
    ©Kati Teelmäki

  • on the ring in Nordic Winner 2013

  • 7 years
    ©moment of glory

  • 6 years
    ©moment of glory

  • before the new show
    ©Anatsko L

  • ©moment of glory

  • ©Kostygova E

  • 29.09.2012

  • 29.09.2012

  • Hupu In Sweden now
    ©C. Gustafsson

  • Me and Hupu at Jyväskylä INT 2010.
    Hupu went BOS + CACIB.
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Hupu at Jyväskylä INT 2010.
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Hupu at Jyväskylä INT, November 2010.
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Hupu at Jyväskylä INT, November 2010.
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Hupu and his handler Tuulia Alopaeus at Riga INT, November 2009.
    Hupu and Tuulia did well: CAC, CACIB, BOS and new Lv Ch!!

  • Hupu at Tervakoski INT, August 2009.

  • Hupu in the forest.. and it was raining a bit..

  • Hupu 2 years.

    August 2009

  • Hupu at Club Show 2009, June 2009.

  • Hupu at Club Show 2009, June 2009.

  • ©H. Karlsson

  • Österbybruk Hupu and Catalina
    ©H. Karlsson

  • Hupu and Catalina.
    ©A. Granberg

  • ©C. Gustafsson

  • Hupu standing.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu at Jyväskylä INT show, November 2008: BOS, CAC and CACIB!
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu at Hämeenlinna INT show, August 2008.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu 14,5 months.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu at Karjaa show, July 2008.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu at Helsinki INT show, May 2008.
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Hupu 10,5 months.
    ©Petri Äijälä

  • 4 months old
    ©J. Young

  • first puppy match
    ©J. Young


PRA-prcd clear
PLL clear
PL 0\0
Cardio Normal

Vice World Winner with res-Cacib at WDS 2011, Paris.

Awarded for the "Best Coat" and "Best Head" in Finnish CCC Club Show 2008

The BEST Powderpuff male in Finland 2008.
4th Best Chinese Crested male in Finland 2008.
The BEST Chinese Crested male in Finland 2010.
The BEST Powderpuff male in Finland 2010.

Was a best companion dog ever...

Siblings (4)


Shida Chemise
Shida Smooth Sensation
Shida Shock Jock
Shida Over the Top

Offspring (42) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-03-17  Dam: Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth

Satisfy In All Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny
Ch. Superior Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny
Ch. Celebrity Queen Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny
Supreme Style Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny
Super Special Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny
Solo Para Mi Iz Ordena Ekate-Riny

dob: 2013-06-10  Dam: Infiniti

Moment of Glory Belle Etoile
Moment of Glory Bellatrix
Moment of Glory Bellodgia

dob: 2012-07-29  Dam: Rovanni Djekattolo Filippa Kara

Landkris Digaspieri
Ch. Fin, Rus, Est; Ch, Rustj Ch, Est Jch Landkris Dzhokis Kiss
Landkris Diamond Black
Ch. Landkris Debussy Noel Luise
Ch. Landkris Diadem Alfa

dob: 2012-02-15  Dam: Mysterious Miracles Magnitude

Mystic Jewel Heart Of Angel
Mystic Jewel Heart Of Gold
Mystic Jewel Heartbreaken
Mystic Jewel Heart Melody
Mystic Jewel Heart Of Frend
Mystic Jewel Heart-warming

dob: 2011-02-25  Dam: Tapi-Tapi My Little Baby

Lunacrest The Gold Rush
Lunacrest Tango Tangles
Ch. Lunacrest The Great Dictator
Lunacrest Dough And Dynamite
Lunacrest Limelight

dob: 2010-07-24  Dam: Wau Princess of Pop

Wau Päivänkakkara
Wau Pusupysäkki
Wau Pärinäpoika

dob: 2010-02-23  Dam: Jualan Jatkokertomus


dob: 2009-07-06  Dam: Sun-Hee's Queen of the Dark

Sun-Hee's Million Dollar Outfit
Sun-Hee's Moondancers Glow
Sun-Hee's Miss Moneypenny
Sun-Hee's Midnight Racer
Ch. Sun-Hee's Miss Kiss Bang Bang
Sun-Hee's Mini Mucho Macho

dob: 2009-03-15  Dam: Pinky Twinky Dream Come True

Pinky Twinky Forever Fabulous
Pinky Twinky Furless Fool
Pinky Twinky Flirt To Every Skirt

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