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Sun-Hee's Swedish Surprise for Habiba

Reg. no
: S15680/2007
: 2007-01-04
: Mahogany & White
: Hairless
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sverige)
Stuart Payne & Robert Dunlop (Habiba, Skottland)
Payne Dunlop

  • ©Habiba

  • ©H Karlsson

  • ©Anna Lena Larsson

  • ©H Karlsson

  • ©Helena Karlsson

  • ©Helena Karlsson


Debuten i valpklass: BIR och BIG-1

Siblings (6)


Sun-Hee's Steppin Out
Sun-Hee's Show U How To Huzzle
Sun-Hee's See Me Say Wow
Sun-Hee's So Untouchable
Sun-hee's See U In Peru
Sun-Hee's Swedish Surprise for Habiba

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Habiba Break Every Rule

Ch. Habiba Boy Trouble

dob: 2011-05-10  Dam: Habiba Excuse My French

Habiba Famously Fabulous

dob: 2008-11-21  Dam: Habiba With An Attitude

Ch. Habiba Red Hot For Mongoshi
Habiba Booty Call

dob: 2008-06-14  Dam: Habiba Strip Tease

Ch. Habiba Put The Man In Romance

dob: 2008-06-06  Dam: Habiba Strictly Ballroom

Ch. Habiba Shake It Up
Ch. Habiba Strictly Secret

dob: 2007-12-02  Dam: Sun-Hee's Nova

Ch. Sun-Hee's Special Edition
Ch. Sun-Hee's Shoot From The Hip
Sun-Hee's So Seductive for Pantomim
Sun-Hee's Sensation in Black
Sun-Hee's Spectacular Sight

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