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AMCH  CANCH  Crest-Vue's Go'N All The Way

Reg. no
: TR556890/01
: 2006-05-21
: Brown/white mkgs
: Hairless
: 31.11cm (12.2") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Karen Fischer (Crest-Vue's, USA)
Mrs D Burree (Leibwache, England)
  • Full UK tan now :-))
    ©D Burree

  • ©D Burree

  • DJ ding his " Im the man bit " !!!
    ©D Burree

  • ©D Burree

  • ©D Burree

  • getting his tan now !!
    ©D Burree

  • My beautiful boy !!!!!!!!!!!!
    ©D Burree

  • ©D Burree

  • ©p smith

  • Clear eye cert 27/02/10 and Glaucoma Clear.
    ©D Burree

  • winter DJ !
    ©D Burree

  • ©D Burree

  • George and DJ race !!!!!!!!!
    ©D Burree

  • my beautiful boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ©D Burree

  • sun and wind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ©D Burree

  • The sun is comming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ©D Burree

  • August 30, 2009
    ©P Smith

  • August 30, 2009
    ©P Smith

  • DJ At the ACCC National Specialty 2009
    ©Patrick Smith

  • DJ 2.5 years old

  • ©Crest-Vue's

  • Age 10.5 months
    ©Patrick Smith

  • ©Karen Fischer


WD/BOW at the Canadian CC National Specialty show Nov '08.
Crufts Qualified for life from USA title
3rd April 2010 Chinese Crested Dog Club open show, ( 1st show in UK ) 1st Open dog and Reserve Best Male.
5th June 2010 1st Champion stakes class ( Toy, Terrier, Hound day )

Siblings (7)


Crest-Vue's Go'N All The Way
Crest-Vue's High Roll'N


Crest-Vue's Aint Nothin Like Jack
Crest-Vue's Kahlua and Cream
Crest-Vue's Bacardi Run
Crest-Vue's Champagne On Ice
Crest-Vue This Buds For You

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 2010-06-27  Dam: Zucci Candi Kisses for Leibwache

Leibwache Toola Roola
Ch. Leibwache Rainbow Dash Of Syingcrest
Leibwache Star Song
Leibwache Cheerilee For Shanshal
Leibwache Sweetie Belle

dob: 2009-11-04  Dam: Quite playing von Shinbashi

Leibwache Angel's-Kiss
Leibwache Cactus Jack
Leibwache Coconut-Ice
Leibwache Bazooka Joe
Leibwache Moody Blue

dob: 2009-08-25  Dam: Jewels N Quantara High Society

Papaw N Crest-Vue's Project Runway

dob: 2009-07-13  Dam: Crest-Vue's Fire Cracker

Crest-Vue's Spin'N My Wheels
Crest-Vue's Kick'N Up Dirt

dob: 2009-01-28  Dam: Crest-Vue Caught LookN

Ch. Crest-Vue's Test'N The Ruggar
Ch. Crest-Vue's PackN A Magnum
Crest-Vue's CarryN A Colt
Crest-Vue's Smith&Wessons LockedN Loaded
Crest-Vue's Beretta

dob: 2008-05-26  Dam: Crest-Vue's Autumn Dream

Crest-Vue It Just Comes Natural
Crest-Vue's Natural Beauty
Ch. Crest-Vue's Natural Selection

dob: 2008-02-12  Dam: Crest-Vue's Hallo-weenie

Ch. Crest-Vue's Sweet As Candy

dob: 2008-02-01  Dam: Crest-Vue's Diamond Solitare

Crest-Vue's Kiss My Sass-A-Frass

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