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: 2005-03-20
: Sable
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 5.80kg (12.7#)
Irina Scherbakova (Fantastik Kashmir, Russland)
Annika Farstad (Sunstreaker, Norge)
  • ©Annika Farstad

  • 9 years
    ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova

  • ©Nataliya Zakharova


Best In Show (09.09.2006, National all breed show)
BIS4 (27.08.2006, National all breed show)
BIG3 (18.04.2010, International show, Bergen/Norway)
BIG3 (21.02.2010, International show, Bø/Norway)

JBIS2 (19.03.2006, National all breed show)
JBIS4 (08.04.2006, National all breed show)
JBIG (Eurasia 2006, International show)

3 x BOB in Norway
8 x BOB + 9 x BOS in Russia
2 x BOS in Estonia

CAC in Russia, Estonia, Norway
CACIB in Russia, Estonia, Norway

Siblings (7)


Fantastik Kashmir Berlioz
Fantastik Kashmir Bokkacho
Fantastik Kashmir Bah


Fantastik Kashmir Little Star
Fantastik Kashmir Lady Dove
Fantastik Kashmir Lui Konkordis

No birth date recorded

Fantastik Kashmir Lady Dove

Offspring (44) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Venesuelskaya Stuchka

Layma Nikol

dob: 2014-05-05  Dam: SandStorm Chix Luv Chocolate

Sunstreaker Pull Your Socks Up
Sunstreaker Page Turner

dob: 2014-03-27  Dam: Prefix The Name Of The Game

Neddies Catch Me If You Can

dob: 2010-08-05  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Q-tip

Curlycrest's Manhattan
Curlycrest's Hunting High And Low

dob: 2010-07-07  Dam: Cipracrest's Blame it on Sunstreaker

See My Halo over Sunstreaker

dob: 2010-03-15  Dam: Phrostmade's Almost Indecent

Sunstreaker Gateway To Narnia
Sunstreaker Get a Wiggle On
Sunstreaker Great Balls of Fire
Sunstreaker Got My Mojo Working
Sunstreaker Google It

dob: 2009-07-16  Dam: Zucci Princess Royal

Sunstreaker Elope With Me
Sunstreaker Evening Attire
Sunstreaker Enter Sandman
Sunstreaker Enterprise Edition
Ch. Sunstreaker Expect The Unexpected

dob: 2009-04-03  Dam: CoPlenty's Atilla

Cipracrest's Great Garlic Girl
Cipracrest's Girl At Playboy Mansion
Cipracrest's Gorgeous Joker
Cipracrest's Grand Charm
Cipracrest's Giddy Up
Cipracrest's Gilbert Grape
Cipracrest's Get Over It

dob: 2008-03-05  Dam: Candy Queen's Fox Fortunella

Candy Queen's Kings Krown
Candy Queen's King Kool
Ch. Candy Queen's Kween Karoline
Candy Queen's King Kosmos
Candy Queen's King Kharma

dob: 2007-10-16  Dam: Silver Tauer Arkadiya Flash

Silver Tauer Jungle Boy
Silver Tauer Dandelion
Silver Tauer Dakota
Silver Tauer Gipsy King
Silver Tauer Jazz Crystal

dob: 2006-10-09  Dam: Chocolate Fiona


dob: 2006-10-05  Dam: Lendi Medzik Dens

Ch. Silver Tauer Valensiya
Silver Tauer Vulkan May's mile
Ch. Silver Tauer Winchester
Avangard iz Zvezdnoi Kolibeli

dob: 2006-09-15  Dam: Samarskiy Samotsvet Djulietta

Ch. Silver Tauer Yalta Sanraiz
Silver Tauer Yaromir Yagr

dob: 2006-08-30  Dam: Kitaiskiy Shelk You-Only-You

Silver Tauer Borneo Dream
Silver Tauer Boss Orange
Ch. Silver Tauer Bentley Style

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