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2006 - 2015
EECH  EEJCH  FINCH  LVJCH  Chinetta's Cheek Baretta

Reg. no
: S41153/2006
: 2006-04-29
: Black & White
: Powderpuff
Carina Attheden (Chinetta's, Sverige)
Mia Vesala (Maybell's, Finland)

  • ©Katja Laurila

  • 20.6.2010

  • 20.6.2010

  • 20.6.2010

  • Tampere INT 20.3.2010
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Eliot with his sister.
    ©Katja Laurila

  • Eliot 15months.
    ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Sini Järvensivu

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Petsku

  • ©Petsku

  • ©Petsku

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Katariina Kahri

Siblings (7)


Chinetta's Choice Bellatrix
Chinetta's Catchy Pilgrim
Chinetta's Covet Kalevala
Chinetta's Catwalk Diamond
Chinetta's Chic Miss Sixty
Chinetta's Cheek Baretta
Chinetta's Crackle Esprit

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-04-27  Dam: Maybell's Crazy Girl

Maybell's Me Myself and I
Maybell's Me Only Me

dob: 2010-10-23  Dam: Zhannel's Mon Cherie

Zhannel's Dee-O-Gee
Zhannel's Demolition Man
Zhannel's Double-O-Seven
Zhannel's Dixie Pixie
Zhannel's Dennis The Menace

dob: 2009-07-06  Dam: Bozo Gang's July De'Moon

Viuvaun R1
Viuvaun Romanssi
Viuvaun Ruuno Panaani
Viuvaun Riemurasia

dob: 2009-06-30  Dam: Maybell's Amazing Kiss

Maybell's Eliot Junior
Maybell's Everlasting Tie
Maybell's Expect No Mercy
Maybell's Excuse My Ego

dob: 2009-03-06  Dam: Sun Dan Super Model

Valanyan Haute Couture
Valanyan Hugo Boss
Ch. Valanyan Hello Kitty
Ch. Valanyan High Fashion

dob: 2008-03-13  Dam: Triptot Truly Tasteful

Ch. Sun Dan Piece of Heaven
Sun Dan Pain In The Ass
Sun Dan Pay Back Time

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