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AMCH  Sire of DistinctionWoodlyn Last Comic Standing

Reg. no
: TR28699801
: 2004-08-25
: White, black spotted
: Hairless
: 31.75cm (12.5")
Lynne & Bill Dauber (Woodlyn, USA)
Lynne & Bill Dauber (Woodlyn, USA)
  • ©one

  • ©L.Dauber

  • ©L. Dauber

  • ©L. Dauber

  • ©L. Dauber

  • ©L. Dauber

Offspring (54) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Chili Pepper

Woodlyn I'm A Pepper Too

dob:   Dam: Proud Pony Your Excellency

Merlyn Lasting Excellence

dob:   Dam: Whisperingln' I'M All The Rage

Ch. Bellebaum's Court Jester

dob: 2014-06-17  Dam: SandStorm Maybe It's Maybelline

SandStorm Summer Solstice

dob: 2014-06-05  Dam: Gracieux Designed To Move You

Ch. Gracieux-Pahlavi Designed To Shine
Gracieux-Pahlavi By Design

dob: 2013-07-29  Dam: Pop Phenomenon at FaeryDreamer

Ch. FaeryDreamer's Defying Gravity Del Rey
Ch. FaeryDreamer's Dancing through Life Del Rey AOE, AOM SOM
FaeryDreamer's As Long as Your Mine
FaeryDreamer's Popular Del Rey

dob: 2012-04-06  Dam: Royal Evening Out With N'Co DOM

Belews The Gift Of Gab
Belews Spread The Word
Ch. Grch Belews You Tell Em
Belews Just Sayin

dob: 2011-08-30  Dam: Wickhaven-MTO Addicted To Love

Ch. Ch Natural's All I Am Is Fabulous, Na, Naj
Natural's All About Attitude
Ch. CH Natural's All In A Day's Work
Ch. Multi Biss, Gchb Natural's All She Can Get Away With, Rn, Bn

dob: 2011-02-01  Dam: Cayenne's Red Chili

Cayenne's Fuzzbox Voodoo
Ch. Cayenne's Brown Sugar
Cayenne's It's Only Love at Cloud Nine
Ch. Cayenne's Master of Sparks
Ch. Cayenne's Penthouse Eyes

dob: 2010-10-14  Dam: Woodlyn N'Wickhaven Phancy Flamingo

Ch. CH. Woodlyn 'N Sterling Are Tickled Pink CGC

dob: 2010-04-24  Dam: Crest-Vue's Sharing The Dream

Zhen's Basin Street Blues
Zhen's Victorious Viking in Iceland
Ch. Zhen's See Ya Later
Ch. Zhen's I'll Put A Spell On You
Ch. Zhen's Ain't Misbehavin'

dob: 2008-06-26  Dam: Wickhaven Black Feather Boa, DOM

Wickhaven Comic Genius
Wickhaven Just For Laughs

dob: 2008-06-01  Dam: Woodlyn Rail Phan

Woodlyn Tickle My Funny Bone
Woodlyn For The Fun Of It
Woodlyn Sunday Funnies

dob: 2007-07-27  Dam: Proud Pony Your Excellency

Merlyn Mega Millions

dob: 2007-05-12  Dam: Woodlyn If It Ain't Dixie

Ch. Pufns'tuf N' Woodlyn Funny Girl
Ch. Pufnstuf's Claire D'looney

dob: 2007-02-17  Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Chili Pepper

Woodlyn Comic Book Villain de Bandedogge

dob: 2006-11-24  Dam: Whisperingln' I'M All The Rage

Spiritual The Joke's on Who by Bellebaums

dob: 2006-08-03  Dam: One Hot Tottie N'Co.

Legends The Entertainer
Ch. Legends Git R Done

dob: 2006-06-30  Dam: Crazy Horse Lola Cabana, DOM

Ch. Solaris Cover Girl at Legends
Ch. Ch Solaris Proud Pony 4-reil Clear/Normal DNA
Solaris "Painted Pony" 4-REIL
Ch. Solaris Tickle My Fancy Gingery

dob: 2006-04-23  Dam: Pahlavi C'est La Vie

Ch. Pahlavi Lollipop
Ch. Pahlavi Mustang Sally

dob: 2006-03-08  Dam: Proud Pony Your Excellency

Merlyn T'Other White Meat O'Woodlyn

dob: 2006-02-01  Dam: Wickhaven Black Feather Boa, DOM

Ch. Wickhaven He Got It Honest
Ch. Wickhaven Stars In Her Eyes
Ch. Wickhaven He's Nobody's Fool
Wickhaven Her Name In Lights
Ch. Wickhaven He's Got Game SOM

dob: 2005-09-03  Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Chili Pepper

Ch. Woodlyn You Crack Me Up

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