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2005 - 2013
AUSTCH  Chinois Electrik Dreams

: 2005-04-26
: Hairless
LBardsley/MKemp (Chinois (Australia), Australia)
Owner unknown.

  • ©p.litz

  • A week after arrival, November 14th 2012

  • ©unknown

  • ©Lyn Bardsley

  • ©LBardsley

  • ©LBardsley

  • ©LBardsley

Siblings (3)


Chinois Dream On
Chinois Follow Ur Dreams
Chinois Electrik Dreams

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-08-17  Dam: Ask Me About The Details N'Co.

Ch. Kiss Me Quick N'Co

dob: 2008-11-11  Dam: Revealed By N'CO

Ch. Ella With a Twist N'Co

dob: 2008-06-03  Dam: Perfectly N'Co

Meet me Downtown N'Co

dob: 2008-03-15  Dam: When Evening Falls N'Co

Spot On N'co
Echoes Of Laughter at N'Co.

dob: 2007-12-11  Dam: With Love From N'co

Surreal N'CO
Ch. Special Package N'Co

dob: 2007-09-27  Dam: Lets Go Play N'co

Ch. Starlet N'Co

dob: 2007-08-09  Dam: Revealed By N'CO

I've Got Foxy Knickers N'Co
Ch. Etched N The Stars N'Co

dob: 2007-04-04  Dam: Follow Your Heart N'Co.

All That N' A Bag Of Chips N'co

dob: 2007-02-08  Dam: Perfectly N'Co

Ch. Knock Your Socks Off At N'Co

dob: 2006-04-25  Dam: Mohawk Hevnz Nthe Bakseat

Ch. Blackheath Look N N V

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